Working at Home with a Newborn

WAHM 1One of the hardest decisions that parents–especially mothers– can face after baby is born is the decision of whether or not to return to work and how to manage baby with the financial needs of the household. More families are choosing to modify their work choices or schedules to integrate caring for their little one into their professional lives.

Some parents find that their work is willing to allow them to bring baby with them when they return or to adjust the workload in such a way as to allow them to work from home. This can be a good solution to meet the needs of baby while contributing to the family’s bottom line. In either situation, a bit of preparation and a few tools will make the transition as seamless as can be.

Beyond the essentials like diapers, these few things are worth gathering:

1)     A baby carrier. Babies who are worn cry less and are more content than those that are not. You also have the advantage of having your hands free to continue on with your tasks when baby in worn. A ring sling or a stretchy wrap can be a great choice with newborns. A ring sling is quick to get baby in and out of, usually has a lower learning curve, and can transition to a supported nursing position easily. It can be great with computer work or those tasks that require you to be sitting in one place. A stretchy wrap can give more long term support and comfort, and it able to be pre tied to allow for baby to be easily slipped in and out as needed. It can be great for when you need to be up and about, moving around, bending over and lifting lightweight objects.

2)     An infant swing or seat. There will be times you need to set baby down. Having a safe secure place to do so, that doesn’t require a large amount of space can be key. A travel swing that can be folded and tucked away when not in use or an infant rocker can be compact ways to provide that space.

WAHM 23)     Nursing/Pumping friendly Attire: A necessary for breastfeeding mothers. Plan your attire to provide quick, easy access for baby to nurse, especially helpful when using a carrier and nursing–a power combo! Breastfeeding tanks or tees can make discreet access readily available. Using a nursing cover can be convenient for other mothers as well. Nursing your baby on demand helps to regulate your supply, meets baby’s need for closeness and nutrition for optimal growth, and helps your little one stave off infections.

TaiLeah Madill is mama to three and lives in Phoenix, Arizona. She is passionate about volunteering with her local babywearing group and helping other families enjoy the benefits of wearing their little ones. 

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