Wool Covers: The Best Kept Secret in Cloth Diapering

wolf 3Most people are familiar with cloth diapers, but not as many know about wool diaper covers. Wool was the answer to nighttime leaks for us, like it is for many others.  We now use wool the majority of the time. I’m always getting asked lots of questions about wool.

Why would you want to use wool?

Wool is breathable, antibacterial, natural, absorbs 30 times its weight in moisture, doesn’t retain odor, requires minimum work, and it’s cute, soft and squishy.

What are the difference types of wool?

There are a few different options when it comes to choosing the right type of wool for you. If you’re handy with the sewing machine you can upcycle some covers from an old sweater, or even knit a pair yourself. You can also buy upcycled covers or hand knitted from a WAHM. Machine knit, such as Sloomb, is my favorite super soft, squishy and very good quality. Interlock is another option and a favorite among many moms for its durability.

Cover, longies, or shorties?

This is simply preference. Covers are used just like you would use a PUL cover. Longies are wool pants and great for winter or cold weather. Shorties are just as they sound–wool shorts.

How many covers do I need?

If you’re only using it for nighttime, you can easily get away with rotating between two covers. For full time use, six is a good minimum number. (Let’s not tell my husband this.)

What if it gets dirty?

Don’t be afraid to let your little one play in and use their wool. My youngest has put her wool through some pretty nasty tests, including in the chicken coop and through mud puddles. After washing, they come out practically chickencoopbrand new every time.

When do I wash?

You only have to wash them once every few weeks. Make sure you allow the cover to dry after every use. Once they start smelling after they are dry, or when they get dirty, it’s time to wash. The website  has lots of great washing directions and tips.

Why are wool covers so expensive?

Wool covers are expensive because wool is expensive. To me, it’s worth every penny, and wool resells very well.

Jolene Palmer is a cloth diaper addict, baby wearing, clean eating, crunchy SAHM to 3 little ones.  Just trying to live a simple life on her little farm in Pennsylvania, her chickens and ducks are like her other children. She enjoys helping other mamas by sharing all that she know.

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