Winter Clothing Hacks

Winter Clothing HacksWinter can be an expensive season when you have growing kids. Winter clothes are more crucial to actual comfort than summer clothes, and they are also way more expensive. Save some money this winter with these money-saving winter clothing hacks.

  • Check resale stores out of season. You won’t find any winter clothes at consignment shops when you actually need them. If you do, they’ll be marked up. For the best prices and selection, shop consignment out of season.
  • Stock up for next year at the end of this year. End-of-season sales are a great way to grab up expensive items like snow suits and boots on clearance. Just remember to buy a size or two up so everything fits next season.
  • Buy clothes that grow with your kids. Some winter brands make items that have hidden elastics, button-down cuffs, legs that extend and other features that help stretch your winter clothes from year to year as your child grows.
  • Craigslist. Toddler and little kid clothes are plentiful on Craigslist. Just search for your child’s gender and clothing size. Many time, parents are wanting to get rid of everything they have, so many times you can find a lot of clothes in the same size for a set price if you are willing to take them all and dig through them later.
  • Ask on Facebook. Your friends may not have kids the same age or size as yours, but they may have friends who do. Many moms are just happy to find someone who can get some use out of their kids’ gently used clothes and may not even ask for anything for them.
  • Layer. If you live in the southern states, you probably don’t even need a winter wardrobe. When we lived in Texas, I never bought winter clothes for the kids because it didn’t get cold enough to get any wear out of them. All we needed were a few layering pieces—a winter hat, cardigans, and a fleece jacket—and all our summer clothes worked seamlessly through the “cold” months. Layering is especially effective for babies since they don’t regulate temperature as efficiently as older kids.

If you do live somewhere cold enough that your babies need snowsuits or puffy jackets, remember not to readjust the car seat for the extra fluff.  Loosening the straps to account for a jacket will keep the restraint from working properly, since the jacket will compress in an accident.

What are your favorite money-saving secrets when it comes to kids’ clothes?

Erin Burt is a freelance writer, mother of three girls and Texas transplant who is getting ready to experience her first New England winter.



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