Welcome to the new Mom’s Milk Boutique Blog!

We have searched the Internet high and low for moms in the know, and now we are bringing all their expert knowledge to you!

Mom’s Milk Boutique wants to be your resource for everything baby. So we’ve compiled a super team of mom journalists, guests, and bloggers to bring you great information on ages, stages, products, problems, and solutions for everything you encounter in the precious (and frustrating!) first years of your baby’s life. Our moms have a range of experiences and knowledge from health, nutrition, lactation, and just plain old life experience. Whether you’re on your first or your fifth child, we hope this blog will be a valuable source of information, experience and laughter.

We hope this blog will inform you and help you learn about products and ideas that will make life easier and help strengthen the bonds in your family as you learn about life with babies. It goes by so fast, and we want to help you enjoy every minute with the best advice out there from REAL moms who have been there and lived to tell the tale—and some of us even went back for another go!

So send us your questions, comments, queries and anything you’d like to have our group of moms tackle, and we’ll get you answers. Leave your questions in the comments, on our Facebook page, or email us and we will answer it. We look forward to hearing from you.

The Mom’s Milk Boutique Blogging Team


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