Ways to Bless a New Mom

DSCN2516When you are in the early weeks and months with a new baby in the house, life can feel very overwhelming and isolating. The times that someone showed up to bless our family meant so much to us and helped us get through. Now that I’ve been there twice, I have a better idea of how to really bless a new mom.

Bring Food

Whether it’s a hot meal, a freezer meal, a basket of baked goods, or just some fruits and veggies that are easy to snack on, having food around that she doesn’t have to make herself is a huge help to a new mom.

Bring Coffee

Bring her favorite latte or if she really likes making her own coffee at home, bring a special mug and a pound of quality fair trade coffee for her to enjoy.

Take her older kids

Give her an afternoon with just her new baby. Call and ask when would be a good time for you to pick up her kids for the afternoon. Giving her that much needed time with just her new baby is such a blessing!

Fold her laundry

Many new moms manage to stay on top of washing the laundry, but when it comes to folding it they are falling behind. Show up with coffee and start a laundry folding party.

Tidying toys

If she has older kids then she probably has toy clutter. Having someone show up and clean and organize the toy areas is a huge help.

Clean her house

Wash a sink load of dishes for her, or wipe down kitchen counters. Clean her bathroom, vacuum her floors, or wash some windows. Any cleaning that she doesn’t have to do is a blessing!

Every new mom needs a village to help and encourage her as she transitions into having a new baby. Hopefully these ideas give some good ideas for helping new moms in your community.

For more encouragement for new moms, send them over here!

Becca Schwartz is a cloth diapering, baby wearing, semi-crunchy mama to a toddler girl and baby boy. She and her husband have a small mini-farm with a flock of chickens, a few goats, and a couple rabbits. 

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