The Vulnerability of Motherhood

The vulnerability of motherhoodI had written a funny post earlier today about the trials and tribulations of motherhood that I planned to submit for this article. It was mostly complaining about the everyday things you routinely see us moms complain about; lack of sleep, the regular cacophony of whining, lost shoes and arguing about hairstyles. Then we heard some devastating news that a family we knew was experiencing their child’s relapse with cancer. It really broke me down. This awful thing, this could happen to any family and it happens to so many families. Mothering, at the core, is just a permanent state of vulnerability. And with vulnerability there is worry. There is so much worry.

No one can properly articulate the level of pure unconditional love or amount of worry you will feel when you give birth; you have to experience it. There are no comparisons. It is not like the love of a pet. It is not like the love of a spouse. Motherhood is so much more of all your feelings. You worry about providing them with guidance, their health, where and how to raise them, if they ate enough veggies today. You worry about how they treat others, if they’re reading fast enough, if they get enough sleep. You worry about them riding in cars with other people, if you’re doing enough, or maybe doing too much. In motherhood, there is so much concern.

As a Mom, you give all of yourself unselfishly for a lifetime; your heart, your wisdom, your time. You pour it all into these tiny bodies. Then, you pray.  You pray, and you pray, and you pray. Please keep them safe. Please keep them healthy. Please let them grow into compassionate, intelligent adults. We pray that we may never have to exist on this earth without them. The selflessness you feel becomes an everyday love letter to your children; there is nothing you wouldn’t do for them.

And in between all of that fretting, life goes on and you cherish this tiny human you agonize so much about. You snuggle them tight, you soak in the smell of them after a bath, you experiencing your childhood again through their eyes. You watch them grow. You laugh. You laugh so hard and you realize that it is all worth it. Motherhood is worth all of the vulnerability and all of the worry.

Tessa Wesnitzer is a health and wellness coach who lives in a suburb of Salt Lake City, Utah. She loves her husband, two boys, green tea, long runs, and snowy winters.

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