Front Cross Carry | How to Wrap your Baby Video

Learning to use your new wrap? There are many different carries you can do depending on the age and type of your wrap.

This video gives you instructions on how to wrap a front cross carry. This carry is a very simple wrap that is great for beginners! You can use this carry for basically any age of baby as long as it is comfortable for you. It is also a great carry to tie before you go on your errands as you can just “pop” your baby into the wrap (as demonstrated in the video) when you arrive at your destination.

You can do this with a woven wrap, such as a Dolcino, or a stretchy wrap like a Moby Wrap. If you are using a stretchy wrap, you may have to wrap the carry a bit tighter as the wrap will “give” a bit. Also, with a stretchy wrap, if you have a large baby (not a newborn) you may not be as comfortable with this carry as the wrap will not be as supportive as a woven wrap.

Rachel and Sarah are using a 4.6 meter Dolcino Stromboli Woven Wrap.

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