Top Apps for New Moms

As new moms, we search for answers, opinions, or any tips that can help us better understand this adventure we’ve begun called motherhood.  When my daughter was born, I found myself home alone with a precious baby girl and my iPhone.

Here are a few helpful apps to aid the new mom:

  1.  Baby Nursing–  This app allows you to keep track of how long baby has nursed with a timer. No more having to remember when you fed your baby or which side he or she nursed on last. You can track diaper changes, too.  My favorite part is that it records how long you fed your baby for the day. What a unique, visual way to see how much you love your little one.
  2. Kegel Kat–  After going through childbirth, you know it’s time to do your kegel exercises.  This colorful app, complete with a cartoon cat, actually makes them fun.  Squeeze along with the cat and try to see how many you can do in a row and beat your own high score.  “Dance Dance” mode features disco music and an upbeat rhythm.  The challenge is to keep up while doing your exercises.
  3. My Baby Today–  All new moms need daily encouragement. This app tracks your baby’s development as he or she grows, while giving you daily information. Age-appropriate activities are suggested that you can do with your little one. My favorite part are the little ideas and reminders of how to take care of yourself.  You will look forward to receiving a little support daily from this app.
  4. Sleepy Sounds–  Having trouble getting your little one to relax and go to sleep? This app can play lullabies, nature sounds, white noise, or even your own music. While the music is playing, a soothing animation will show on the screen.  The screen continues to stay lit and can serve as a nightlight. A timer is also included, so it’s easy to leave in the room with baby until they are sound asleep.

So new mom, you can do this!  Remember, when you have a question or concern–there’s always an app for that.

Karyn Meyerhoff is a stay-at-home mom who lives in Northern Indiana.  She doesn’t live near her family, so she’s frequently turning to her iPhone for parenting advice.

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