Top 5 Reasons I Love Babywearing

Initially I stumbled upon babywearing as a great way to bond with baby. At first I was mostly focused on the benefits for baby however I quickly realized babywearing was equally beneficial for me. Here are my top 5 reasons I love babywearing:

1. Easy to enjoy nature with baby
Babywearing has allowed me the opportunity to continue living an active outdoor lifestyle. There are many hiking trails and outdoor locations I have enjoyed with my babies that using a stroller would not have been a feasible option. Ever try to push a stroller along a sandy beach? It’s almost impossible! However I have walked many sandy beach shores with my babies on my back. I am so grateful for our ERGObaby Carrier and all the amazing outdoor family adventures we’ve had with it!

2. Easy to do household chores with baby
Babies like to be held, but it is difficult to get household chores completed if your arms are busy holding baby. Babywearing is a perfect solution! It allows you to be “hands-free” in order to get chores done while baby is held close…everyone is happy! I really can’t imagine what my day would look like without babywearing. I can wash dishes, mop the floor, cook a meal, fold laundry, work in the yard/garden, and more all while baby is more than content to hang out with me in the Ergo.

3. Easy to get baby asleep anywhere, anytime
This benefit was made apparent to me more recently while at a BBQ. A friend with a baby the same age as mine was there with me. Our babies both got tired around the same time. Reluctantly my friend left the BBQ early to go home to put her baby to bed. I was able to stay knowing my tired baby would comfortably sleep in the Ergo and I could continue socializing. Getting a baby to sleep anytime, anywhere is especially nice when there are older children in the family because you are less able to plan your day around a nap schedule. Having a baby that can sleep at different events, functions, and/or locations is extremely helpful to accommodate the needs of older siblings while still meeting the sleep needs of your baby.

4. Easy to navigate crowds
Strollers can be very difficult to navigate through crowded areas such as at fairs, festivals, shopping areas, etc. Using a stroller might also require you to find alternative routes if there are stairs or bumpy terrain to navigate around. There have been many times I am thankful I don’t have to try to find an elevator or carry a stroller up the stairs because I am wearing my baby. One time I was visiting a small mountain town full of quirky and quaint little shops and cafes. The shops were not stroller-friendly in the least; they had rocky steps, tight corners, fragile displays, etc. But babywearing made it easy for me to explore the town fully and enjoy browsing the various shops.

5. Easy to soothe baby
When my second son was a newborn his favorite thing was to be wrapped in the Moby while I vacuumed. I think my floors were cleaner than ever during the first two months of his life due to all the vacuuming and babywearing. But it honestly was a 100% no-fail way to soothe him if he was fussy. Babywearing provides babies close physical contact, movement, and visual stimulation which often leads to a calm, content baby.

What do you enjoy about babywearing? What’s the most unique place you’ve worn your baby?


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