Top 10 Signs Your Baby has Transitioned to a Toddler

There is nothing subtle about the transition from babyhood to toddlerhood. It’s usually rather sudden and dramatic! One day your baby wakes up and instead of being the sweet, quiet little baby who snuggles peacefully in your arms, he/she is full of non-stop energy, intense emotion, and strong intentions.

Here are the Top 10 Signs Your Baby has Transitioned to a Toddler:

1. They insist on doing everything by themselves such as pouring their own bowl of cereal. They will be extremely upset if you try to help or even touch the cereal box. Also they will be very proud of their new-found independence, even if 75% of the cereal misses the bowl. In fact they are so proud and enjoy it so much they relentlessly ask for a second box of cereal to pour.

2. They have a fascination with the toilet…from constantly flushing it, to putting random stuff in it (such as a lunch box…ewww! ), to unrolling entire rolls of toilet paper in mere seconds.

3. They eat markers and are crazy mad at you when you take them away.

4. They want to pick out their own clothes

5. However they strongly prefer to be naked 99% of the time

6. To them everything is either a climbing toy…

Or a hat

7. They need a bath after every meal

8. They wake up with crazy bedhead because they are active even when they sleep

in fact they can even fall asleep while sitting up

9. They like to get in the way help mommy and daddy

10. They are full of passion, curiosity, and adventure! They dance freely and laugh loudly! They remind us to live in the moment and enjoy the simple things in life!

-Sarah 🙂

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3 Responses to “Top 10 Signs Your Baby has Transitioned to a Toddler”

  1. Tamara says:

    ahahhahahahhahaha!! I love it to true and caute!

  2. Mona says:

    What great photos!! I can surely relate!!

  3. Kari says:

    Ah hahahaha. So perfect. Love the naked in heels post- that’s going to be great for showing future dates! 🙂