Top 10 Bath and Body Products for Your Toddler

Top 10 Bath and Body ProductsAs babies get bigger, their needs change and you may want to expand the products you use or change the lineup all together. Once my kids were able to sit up and enjoy their bath time, I could focus more on what products I was using versus how to get things down as quickly as possible to avoid major meltdown. 

This list of bath and body products are both fun and functional. Remember, bath time can be a learning experience, a bonding time, and a relaxing way to start a bedtime routine.

1. Lush’s Ickle Baby Bot Bath Bomb — This is one of my kids’ absolute favorite bath goodies. With the relaxing chamomile, lavender, and sandalwood, it’s also one of mine. IBB starts off with a fizz when you drop it into your bathtub. Kids love the fizzy foaming of the water and moms love the calming aromatherapy packed in a little blue robot. This bath bomb always starts a good night’s sleep.

2. Handmade All Natural Aloe Vera Lego soaps — This is a product that combines bath time with learning time. Fun soaps are a great way to start talking about shapes and colors. These soaps are also a great way to start teaching hand washing, easy for little hands to hold and fun shapes to keep their interest.

3. Kids Creamy Chocolate Vegan Organic Soap — Both the kids and I are huge fans of anything with a yummy chocolate scent. This product is fantastic because not only does it smell great, but it’s scent comes from cocoa butter, fair trade cocoa and vanilla, and essential oils! It’s a great-smelling bath product with no added artificial scents.

4. CJ’s Creamy Lotion — We love this non-greasy lotion from CJ’s that can seemingly cure any skin ailment. Perfect for keeping skin soft and smooth after marathon tub sessions. 

5. Lush’s Fun — I was totally sold on this essential oil bath jack-of-all-trades. It’s the texture of playdoh, makes a great soap, and produces bubbles. The ultimate bath sensory item!

6. Episencial Soothing Cream — At our house this is the “magic cream.” It cures all itches, it’s great for mosquito bites in the summer months, and it soothes even the most bothered skin. Fortified with probiotics and essential oils, we’ve yet to meet a skin ailment Soothing Cream hasn’t helped.

7 & 8 California Baby Detangler and Conditioner — My daughter’s hair was down to her shoulders before her first birthday, and the 2-in-1 products were not cutting it on that thick, curly hair. That’s when I found California Baby’s hair products. The conditioner kept Lucy’s hair smooth and shiny, calmed her hair down, and made after-bath brushing a breeze. The detangler is one of our house’s most-used products. Both are must-haves if you have babies with thick, long hair.

9. California Baby Overtired and Cranky Bath Bubbles — A capful of this in the tub makes everyone unwind. The perfect end to a stressful day, the defeater of tantrums, and the foil to a bad mood. This bubble bath from CA baby is an aromatherapy blend that helps calm even the fussiest kid (or mom).

10. Jack and Jill’s Fluoride Free Toothpaste — At this point your not-so-little one probably has a few or a lot of teeth! Jack and Jill has made a great tasting, super safe toothpaste. With a few fruit flavors to choose from, you can make dental care a fun thing and start taking care of teeth on a good note. 

Allison Klaine is the mother to two part merbabies that approve any and all bath products their mom wants to try out. She works at the brick-and-mortar MMB store, and spends her nights convincing her son that he can’t stay in the tub forever. 

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