Tips for Treating Diaper Rash

When you go to change your baby’s diaper and find their bum covered with a diaper rash it can be an upsetting discovery. Often the skin looks so irritated and uncomfortable that you are eager to try anything that might provide soothing comfort to baby’s sensitive skin. Sometimes a quick slab of a quality diaper rash cream is all it takes to clear it up. However sometimes diaper rashes can be stubborn and difficult to eliminate. Those persistent and/or frequent diaper rashes often require a little extra care beyond diaper rash cream. Here are a few suggestions to try:

Nakie Time  – Let’s face it, what baby/toddler doesn’t want to be naked?!? Let them go diaper free to get fresh air and keep the irritated skin nice and dry. You’ll probably want to do nakie time when baby is unlikely to poop. So if you know baby’s pooping patterns plan accordingly for nakie time. Or watch them carefully for signs of needing to poop and rush them to the bathroom as needed (you can even do this with wee ones).  Pee is a bit trickier to time (or observe cues) so you might consider having baby on a towel or other easy to clean surface during nakie time.

BreasmilkBreastmilk really is the magical cure-all! Simply express some breastmilk and cover the affected area with it. Allow bum to air dry.

Strip Your Cloth Diapers – There might be some build up , residue, or bacteria on your cloth diapers that baby’s skin is reacting to. Doing a heavy-duty stripping can help eliminate any irritants contained in your diapers. You might consider adding a few drops of tea tree oil or grapefruit oil to your wash as both have anti-bacterial/anti-fungal properties.

Tea Tree Oil – Tea Tree Oil is a definite must-have item in your medicine cabinet because of its diverse and plentiful uses including treatment of diaper rash. All you need to do is mix a few drops in a palm sized amount of a carrier oil (such as olive oil) and apply to baby’s skin.

Change Baby More Frequently – Some babies have extra sensitive skin and need to be changed more frequently than normal.

Examine Diet – Sometimes diaper rash can be an expression of something internally disagreeing with baby (as opposed to an external topical irritant) so examining babies diet might help identify the source of the irritant. For example when oranges were in season and soooo delicious we over-indulged in their sweet juiciness and baby got a fierce diaper rash. Ouch! Sometimes new foods can irritate baby’s bum too so be aware as you introduce new foods into your baby’s diet.

Change Laundry Detergent – There are many great options to choose from when it comes to cloth diaper friendly laundry detergents. Experiment a bit to see what works best for your baby’s skin.

Revamp your Stash – This is a last-resort ‘I have tried everything and my baby’s butt is still constantly bright red’ option. Sometimes certain fibers simply don’t agree with your baby’s skin. I have a friend who battled intense and persistent diaper rashes with her son until she finally decided to sell her existing stash and invest in some new fluff. Viola, no more diaper rash!

What’s your secret weapon against stubborn diaper rash? Would love to hear some more useful tips! 🙂


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4 Responses to “Tips for Treating Diaper Rash”

  1. Bridgett says:

    We had a yeast rash, so we stripped all the diapers, disinfected with tea tree oil, and treated with coconut oil. It worked well for us. We did have to switch detergents, too, to keep the regular red/dry rash from coming back, which has also helped a lot. I was so happy to find a natural alternative that actually worked for us, and didn’t break the bank. We were definitely lucky. Good luck to everyone battling rashies, and no matter what works, if it does work, it’s a winner.

    • Sarah says:

      Coconut oil is a great suggestion! Thanks for shairng what has worked for your family!
      🙂 Sarah

  2. Anna says:

    Try hazelwood healing necklaces!! The hazelwood the necklaces are made of is an extremely alkaline wood and absorbs the acidity that can be the cause of diaper rash and many other teething ailments. I thought it was a long shot when one of my twins was getting a diaper rash…terrible burning, naked all the time kind of diaper rashes….she was getting them back to back and even in disposable diapers. I tried one and her rash went away and didn’t come back for months!! That is when I went to replace my hazelwood necklace (they dry out over time) and was convinced it was working. After ordering my second necklaces I decided to instead order the beads and have been making them myself ever since. I started a business out of my home making made in Alaska hazelwood and now baltic amber teething necklaces because I loved them so much. It is called Taiga Teethers and you can find me on Facebook.

  3. Kristen G says:

    Our doctor recommended Triple Paste, but we accidentally bought Triple Cream. I hear great things about the paste, but the cream and Desitin maximum strength helped us.