Three Summer Must-Haves for Baby

Three Summer Must-Haves for BabySummer presents some new baby-equipment dilemmas: swimming, water, sand, changing clothes on the go. If you’re a first-time mom, figuring it out can take some time. Wet babies are so slippery–wet toddlers are slippery and fast! And don’t get me started on changing diapers at the pool–or pool poop. So let’s make the learning curve a little gentler with this summer primer for all things baby.

Cloth Swim Diapers: Disposable swim diapers are awful. For one, they do not hold in solid waste–not even remotely.  Second, if you do happen to catch #2 in time, disposable swim diapers only come off one way—straight down. Let that process for a moment so you can really take in that visual. Third, disposable swim diapers are seriously expensive. They are OK in a pinch, but I hated them for regular use.

You can buy swim diapers specifically for swimming, and the benefit to these diapers is tight legs and a mesh liner. The tight legs keep anything from escaping, and the liner makes it easy to shake out. They work so well, some pools actually require them to help prevent accidents. These diapers also don’t retain water as much, so you don’t get the “hammer pants” effect when baby is out of the water, and they will dry faster. Another option is using a plain cloth diaper like an All In One with the liner removed. You will have to make sure it’s a tight fit, so older diapers with loose elastic won’t cut it.  The benefit here is that you already have them and it’s one less thing to remember. Velcro does not work very well when wet, so make sure you use one with snaps.

Swim Hat: All my kids are blonde, so hats were a must for us. I also like that you can buy them in UV-blocking materials, which means not having to use sunscreen on little faces and shoulders. I quickly learned with my first child that a regular sun hat does not cut it in the pool. UV and swim hats are made with materials that don’t hold water. When they get wet, the brim stays perky so your child can see. Get a regular hat wet and it’s all floppy and you have one sad baby who can’t see.

Wet Bag: Even if you’ve never used a cloth diaper in your life, you need a wet bag for the summer. The thing about a wet bag is that it keeps wetness and smells trapped in the bag, That’s useful for swimming, potty training, diaper changing, you name it. When we go to the pool or lake, I bring a wet bag and a change of clothes for every kid. When it’s time to go, each kid gets changed into dry clothes before they get in the car, which means no wet seats and no corralling kids into the bathroom first thing when we get home.  I always keep a wet bag in my trunk—you just never know when it will come in handy.

Erin Burt is a freelance writer and mother of three girls who love the water. She lives and writes in Queensbury, New York.

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