Ten Businesses That Couldn’t Make it Without Moms

businesses that wouldn't make it without moms

We’re an entrepreneurial country and I think that is yet another thing that would not be possible without moms and dads. So parents of America, this one is for you. Or rather, these businesses, conveniences, and products are, largely, for you.

The Drive-thru. Because who wants to pull three children out of the car to get a sit-down meal when we don’t have time between Susie and Jessie’s soccer practice and dance lessons?

Amazon, or any other food delivery service. Granted these are only successful in the most urban of areas, but a large portion of their customers surely are mothers who just balance the cost of a few extra bucks for the convenience of not going into that snow with all these babes. Similar to this might be the order online, pick-up in store offerings of many box and department stores.

Caffeine anything. Really, need I explain? Combine caffeine to drive thru or delivery services mentioned above and you really got yourself a business model.

Dollar aisles. Anything sold in any “deal” area or near the checkout line of any store ever in the history of commerce is made for people on a budget looking for a cheap thrill. The dollar spot at Target is so alluring with its cheap gadgets that conveniently break just in time for our next visit.

Icee machines. Again, I’m letting my Target show here but the Icee machine in our local store accounts for 73 percent of our successful shopping outings. Length of to-buy list and awesome parenting skills account for the other 27percent.

Car vacuums. Once upon a time I said I’d not let my children eat in my car. Then I had children. Eating in the car happens rarely, but evidence of said eating is abundant.

Most all of the gum industry. Bubbalicious gets us hooked when we’re young, with all that sugar and bubble-ing delight. And before-mentioned caffeine via coffee always leaves the mouth looking for freshness. Combine that with checkout line convenience and you’re in business.

Yoga pants and other comfort wear. Sure, just like all these other things parents are not the only ones responsible for each industry’s success. But between mamas talking about baby weight and the struggle to find time to get ready in the morning, mothers make up a large portion of financial support in this market trend.

The home workout market. Consider who is up in the wee morning hours of the morning to see those Beachbody infomercials and what population is known for the pressure to “bounce back” after baby. And these are results by “normal” people, people who could be in line in front of you at said Target, not celebrities. Of course this leads me to…

Multi-level marketing. Look, mamas gotta make a buck. Mamas also need some sense of community and a sense of living and giving outside of their children. MLM offers all of these things, usually with an alluring fragrance or stylish bag included. #momboss

Lynette is a mom of three children from 8 months to age four. She has cloth diapered all three since birth and enjoys all things eco-friendly and mindful living.

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