Teething Remedies

IMG_2299Ah, the joys of teething. Buckets of drool, cranky babies, and sometimes rashes or low-grade fevers to go with it. Babies can start showing signs of teething months before the first pearly white pops too, leaving you and your little one frustrated to say the least.

There are lots of ways you can help your little one through the joys of teething. First, dealing with the drool: a drool bib or frequent shirt changes help your child stay comfortable and rash free on her chest. You may also see her chin develop a small rash; keeping that area as dry as possible (so hard when it’s nonstop, right?) should minimize this. Finally, the large volumes of drool can also affect your baby’s bottom. Some babies get diaper rashes during teething from swallowing all of the extra drool. Using a barrier cream like CJs and frequent changes and/or air time should curb this.

Your baby will probably be extra chompy while he’s teething, too. Having some appropriate teething toys at home and in the diaper bag is a good idea. My boys both loved chomping on their Sophies, but a small assortment of teething toys is nice in the beginning to see what your baby prefers.

A lot of moms (and babies) love chewable jewelry. These are bracelets or necklaces for mom to wear made for babies to chew on. The beauty of these is you always have it with you and they are almost impossible for your baby to drop since you’re wearing it.

My mother-in-law swears by frozen fruit for teething. She cubed up some cantaloupe during a visit once and tossed it in the freezer. My miserable little man couldn’t get enough. I think between the cold and the chewing it was teething baby paradise. You will want to directly supervise if you go this route and use large chunks (to avoid choking). You can also find little mesh bags to put the fruit in to minimize the risk even further.

Finally, there are some good ways to minimize their pain during this tough time. Baltic amber or hazelwood necklaces are well loved by many moms and babies. These are worn (not chewed) and their contact with the skin can help with the pain. Heads up, our pediatrician always advised us to take our sons’ necklaces off whenever they slept. Some babies get relief from homeopathic teething tablets as well.

Meaghan Howard is a mom to two little boys, ages 3 and 6. She’s currently enjoying the expat life in Japan.


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