Teething Relief Options

Teething Relief Options

As your baby reaches the 3-6 month age range, that sweet, gummy grin begins to turn into…a toothy grin.  It’s exciting to see that first tooth in baby’s mouth, but the angst baby can go through to get to that point can be difficult.  As a new mom, I was clueless about teething.  All I knew was that I needed to do something quick to ease my little girl’s discomfort.  Here are a few things you can do to get through those first teeth.

Teething Rings and Toys:  There are many different products out there to help baby get their chew on while working on their first teeth.  My daughter loved Sophie the Giraffe.  The hooves and ears were constantly in her mouth.  Another great toy you can buy baby is a teething ring that you put in the refrigerator.  The cold sensation can help ease an aching gum quickly.  Babies at this age love to explore with their mouths, so they will be delighted to stick these helpers right in.

Cold Washcloth:  This is a simple fix.  Take a wet washcloth and stick it into the freezer for a few minutes.  Pull it out.  It should be crunchy feeling.  Let baby go to town!  I did this frequently with my daughter.  It can get a little messy, but baby will have fun and feel better.

Your Own Clean Fingers:  A quick way to relieve teething pain is to take your own clean finger and gently rub and massage baby’s gums.  Gentle pressure will be soothing to baby, although some babies may protest at first.

Teething Relief Options

Amber Necklaces: Many moms find that amber necklaces can cut down on the drooling, irritability and painassociated with teething. Amber necklaces are placed somewhere on baby (usually the neck or ankle) and help pain in the long-term—they aren’t quick-fixes. Baby doesn’t chew on these to relief pain; instead, the residue rubs off on their skin and produces a soothing effect.

Topical Medications:  If baby is still in pain, some pediatricians will recommend Tylenol before bed or every few hours to ease discomfort.  There are other products like Hyland’s Teething Tablets that can be given to aid in the pain.  With any medication, be sure to consult a health professional and do your research.  Products containing benzocaine such as baby orajel have been controversial on their safety for babies.

So as baby begins to sprout those pearly whites, find some ways to make the process a little more comfortable for them.  Toys, teethers, fruits, veggies, and even medications can all help.  If your baby is like my daughter, the worst part is getting the tooth to pop through the gum.  After that, it’s smooth sailing.  Hang in there momma.  You can do this!

Karyn Meyerhoff is a mom of one, Johanna.  While teething has not been a bad adventure thus far, the one year molars have been the worst.  She prefers cold items, toys, and lots of snuggles to help Johanna feel better.

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