Tasty Tuesday: A Very Berry Valentine Snack

I am so in love with pomegranates right now! They are deliciously sweet and refreshing…and beautiful! Yes, I just called a fruit beautiful, but it’s true. I think the seeds look like bright sparkly edible ruby red jewels. YUM!

Now I admit that I used to be really intimidated by pomegranates. I rarely bought them because I didn’t really know how to remove the seeds. The few times I attempted it I was covered in red juice and had about 8 seeds to show for it. So I kind of just avoided them all together. Then one day at the grocery store my five year old asked me if we could buy a pomegranate after admiring a display of them. Rarely do I say no to a request for a fruit or vegetable (maybe after consuming six oranges and asking for a 7th, I would say no) so I let him pick one out. Of course right when we got home he asked if we could eat it. At which point we hopped on the computer to look for video demonstrations on youtube to learn how to remove the seeds. There are two main ways; soaking in water or beating with a spoon. I alternate between the two methods because while beating with a spoon is faster, it’s also messier. Little red specks of pomegranate juice fly everywhere so definitely wear old clothing or an apron when working with pomegranates.

In addition to being delicious, pomegranate seeds are super high in antioxidants. They are considered by many to be one of the ‘powerhouse foods” meaning they actually help prevent diseases.  Another neat thing about pomegranates is they have a rather long shelf-life. Properly stored a pomengranate can last up to two months. I know this is true because back when I would buy them and not know what to do with them, they would sit in my fridge a LONG time. Therefore if you find pomengranates at a good price, buy a bunch to enjoy over the next several weeks!

The following recipe is so easy that even a young child could put it together once the seeds have been removed from the pomegranate. Their rich coloring make them perfect for a Valentine snack so I thought this would be a fun, kid-friendly, and healthy snack to bring to a Valentine’s party.


1 pint Blueberries

1 pint Blackberries

Seeds from one pomengranate

2 to 3 Tablespoons Hemp Seed

2 to 3 Tablespoons Chia Seed


Mix all ingredients together and voila, it’s ready to eat now or later! This is a snack my family really enjoys and I hope yours does too! 🙂


Check back tomorrow for some ideas to honor the end of a breastfeeding relationship!

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