Taking Your Baby Everywhere You Go

Taking Baby Everywhere You GoWhen my daughter was born, I never really thought about all of the places we would go. I remember eating at my favorite, quaint café in Southeast Georgia. My cousin was in town visiting our new addition and we had to go have salads, sandwiches, and scones. Johanna was a few weeks old asleep in her car seat, and my anxiety all of a sudden skyrocketed. What would I do if she cried in public? Would I be able to even eat and enjoy my food?

That’s when I realized that babies are really portable. Of course they go everywhere we go. We’re moms. For me, I’m a stay-at-home mom, so my kids definitely go everywhere I go. They’ve been on playdates, to church, to awkward doctor appointments, to the store, and everywhere else I’ve gone practically for the past couple years. Here are some tips for taking your baby everywhere.

Babywear. Just do it.

For me, the easiest way to take my babies places has been to babywear. My daughter lived in a Boba carrier. Babywearing allows your hands to be free and gives your baby the comfort of being so close to momma. For Levi, this has been a necessity. Taking a 2 year old places is hard sometimes, and she has to hold my hand, so, it’s important that my hands are free. (I mean who wants to carry those bulky car seats, anyway?) For Levi, my Tula has been the go-to carrier. He does not like to sit in the car seat throughout the grocery store. He needs to be held, so babywearing is the answer.

Be Prepared.

With kids, you have to be prepared. Have extra clothes. You never know when accidents will happen or a blowout will occur. Have snacks for older children. My daughter constantly needs Goldfish crackers or cereal snacks while we’re out and about. Bring toys. Levi is only 5 months old, and he already needs toys. I usually keep the same 3 or 4 small toys in my diaper bag and rotate them in and out. I’m convinced diaper bags can never be big enough.

Expect the Unexpected.

Yes, your baby will cry in public. Yes, he will get hungry and you may have to nurse during the sermon at church. Things happen. Rest assured when you dress your cute baby in a frilly white dress, a blowout will occur. It’s not the end of the world. Just try to relax and take things one moment at a time. For me, I have to just breathe deeply and remember I can handle whatever my day may hold. It may not be pretty, but I cannot control it all.

Ask for Help.

I always love when we go home to visit. This past Christmas I made plans to meet several friends and their little ones at McDonald’s play land. I made sure my best friend, Ali, was riding in my car. Two extra hands! She was there to help me transport my kids in the restaurant and entertain Johanna in case I needed to nurse or tend to Levi. Spouses, friends, family. It doesn’t matter who helps. Just don’t be afraid to ask. While you’re out in the grocery store, have your spouse take over the list while you take care of the baby. At a restaurant, take turns eating and allow each other to enjoy the food.

Babies are adorable, sweet creatures. You can take your baby anywhere, momma! Babies do cry. They do poop their diapers and get hungry. It’s okay. Just take care of your baby. If someone doesn’t like it, it’s their problem and chances are a gummy grin or adorable spit bubble will bring a smile to their face in the end.

Karyn Meyerhoff is a mom of two in Northeast Indiana. She takes her kids everywhere, but she does enjoy alone time, too.

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