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Baby Wearing Saved My Life

Thursday, October 27th, 2016


img_0547When my daughter was born, I purchased a Moby wrap. My family drove 12 hours to meet Johanna, and I had a huge breakdown. The Youtube videos didn’t help, and I was so far from anyone who could help. I just wanted to wear Johanna and go for a walk. When she turned 4 months old, I purchased a Boba soft structured carrier. Johanna lived in this carrier. We went to a Fort Wayne Komets hockey game and she slept through most of it. I was able to go grocery shopping without having an anxiety attack. Baby wearing saved my life, well my life as a mom.

Johanna loved the carrier, and then when I became pregnant with her little brother when she was 15 months old, we stopped. Although, over the past couple years, she has asked to be worn and I’ve gladly obliged.

When Levi was born, I wasn’t sure how to handle 2 little ones who still needing me so much. Johanna had just turned 2 and she still wanted to be held, all of the time. Levi hated his car seat and cried most of the time during those first couple months. Once again, babywearing saved my life.

I purchased a Tula with an infant insert, and Levi quickly grew to love being worn. I wore him at the park while I pushed the stroller with Johanna. The Tula was comfortable and the insert made it easy to wear him, even though he was a tiny little guy. We grocery shopped in the Tula. I wore him to bible study each week in the Tula and he quickly fell asleep after nursing. I had my hands free to chase my wiggly toddler and Levi was content the majority of the time.

img_1760At home, I used a Boba wrap with Levi. This wrap was soft, beautiful, and comfortable for us both. While Johanna napped, I would put Levi in the wrap and clean. On days when he fought sleep, which was often, he would nap in the wrap and I would get things done like cleaning or cooking. Baby wearing gave me back a clean house and home cooked meal.

On-the-go, baby wearing also saved me. We went on family trip to Cleveland when Levi was small. I was able to wear him on my back at the zoo and he could still see all of the animals from a safe distance. We have been to numerous St. Louis Cardinals games, and I have always worn my babies. Strollers are hard to maneuver in large crowds and heavy.

Now as I prepare for baby 3, I wonder how baby wearing will come to my rescue again. Johanna is 4 now and Levi just turned 2. I’m hoping he’s a fan of walking and holding my hand so I can wear my new little squish. I’ve already eyed a Lenny Lamb carrier that this baby needs next spring when he or she is a little older.  I look forward to getting out my Tula and Boba wrap and making new memories in them with this precious baby. How about you? Have you tried baby wearing? As a mom of multiple littles, I will say it can be a lifesaver. The hardest part? Choosing a carrier and convincing your husband you need it.

Karyn Meyerhoff is a mom of two–almost three–in Arkansas where she can’t wait to babywear again!

Staying Warm While Babywearing

Wednesday, November 19th, 2014

Babywearing can seem  like a labor of love in the summertime, when it’s hot and muggy out and you are wrapped up tight together when you really just want to have cool air blowing on every pore of your body. But in the wintertime, it’s warm and cozy.

Staying Warm While BabywearingIn some parts of the country, and for our good friends in Canada (Eh?) even having that tiny ball of heat pressed up against your ribs isn’t quite warm enough. It can be hard for even the most experienced babywearers to enjoy wearing when you are constantly having to take off your carrier to put on a coat. So how do you manage outerwear while rocking that fabulous wrap?

Here are a few creative ideas for staying warm while babywearing:

  1. Coats made for babywearing. Etsy has a great selection of coats that are literally made for babywearing. A huge plus is they are also cute as maternity coats, or even just wrap jackets! There’s also this softshell version that lets you front or back carry and will also keep you dry.
  2. Poncho. A poncho is the easiest solution since it’s easy to throw on and off, and it’s not size specific if you’re still in the process of shedding pounds post-partum. You can even make a no-sew version if you aren’t picky—microfleece and polar fleece don’t have to be sewn. A few slits for your heads and maybe a little fringe if you’re feeling fancy, and you’re done.  The benefit to these is they are cheap and you can wear it with any kind of carry.
  3. Staying Warm While BabywearingCoat extender. These are also easy to make or have someone make for you. If you know someone whoknits or crochets, just take your favorite jacket, strap on your baby, and measure the length from buttonholes to buttons, and from top button to bottom button. Have them whip up a coat-extender panel  (and matching hat, of course!) in that size with the buttons where your buttonholes are, and vice versa. It will keep your coat nice and snug and baby wrapped in woolly goodness.
  4. Infintity sweater. If you don’t live somewhere terribly cold, a stretchy, knit infinity sweater will probablywork just fine for you. The perfect kind for baby wearing will be one with lots of draping in the front, or a large cowl neck, and preferably long ends that you can wrap around you and tie.

Remember: Don’t ever put your baby in his or her car seat while bundled up in a heavy coat. Heavy coats will compress on impact in a collision, which will affect seatbelt function.

Hopefully these ideas keep you and baby warm while enjoying some time outside in the beautiful winter weather.

Erin Burt is a freelance writer, mother of three girls, and Texas native who recently moved to upstate New York.

Pregnancy Week 21: Newborn Must-Haves

Monday, April 14th, 2014

Pregnancy Week 21With the exciting news that we are expecting a little boy, I am very excited to start getting ready. When you are a first-time mom, the list of things you need for baby can be overwhelming. This time, I feel a little more prepared. Here are some things that I feel are must-haves for a newborn.

  1. Rocking Chair: I spent so many nights rocking my sweet Johanna in the rocking chair from my grandma’s house. This chair is a must-have to me. It helps to have some place to sit when you need to nurse baby or just take a break. I have precious memories of rocking her in the wee hours of the night. I also advise getting a cushion of some kind for your chair, if it’s wooden like mine.
  2. Fisher Price Rock-N-Play Sleeper: This was a lifesaver for us. I love that this small bassinet is portable–it can go into the bathroom with you when you shower and in the kitchen when you are trying to cook supper. It also rocks! Soothe baby to sleep easily while you sit or lay next to it. I plan on using this a lot this time around again.
  3. Baby Carrier: With my daughter, I had a Boba wrap and then Boba 3g carrier. This time around, I am super excited to try a Je Porte Mon Bebe wrap! Baby carriers give you your hands back. You can get chores done and take care of baby at the same time. I am thinking my carriers will be a lifesaver with a toddler running around at my feet.
  4. Diaper Creams, Lotions, Washes: I really enjoy picking these out for baby, as weird as that sounds. I like to use CJ’s butter for the diaper cream. I also really like it in the spray formula. As for lotions and washes, we usually use Johnson’s Baby Night time Bath and Lotion. The lavender smell soothes baby, as well as a tired mommy.
  5. Sleep sacks and swaddles: I am a big fan of Aiden and Anais sleep sacks. I was not the best at swaddling with a blanket, so I like to use the swaddle wraps. These all keep baby secure and snug and warm. I still have several, and I plan on investing in a few more.
  6. Swing or bouncer: We used a bouncer with my daughter and this time, I am planning on investing in a swing that plugs in. It will be nice to have another safe place to put baby when my daughter needs me. The music and vibrating features on these items are a big plus to me.

So, moms, what are your must-haves for your newborn? I know I can think of more, but these are just things I really look forward to showering baby with. It’s so fun to shop for baby, but the best part is getting to use it all with your little miracle! We are so excited to be having a little boy!

Karyn Meyerhoff lives and writes in Northeast Indiana. She loves to shop and organize.

Finding the Perfect Baby Carrier for a Bigger Baby

Tuesday, February 11th, 2014

Babies come in all sizes. I was blessed with a tiny little 6 lb 15 oz little girl. I have friends who have been blessed with beautiful 9 lb babies at birth. No matter what the size, they are a blessing.  Baby wearing is becoming more popular, and quite frankly, it’s just easier!174

When you have an infant, it’s much easier to pop them into a carrier then drag out a bulky stroller. Babies feel more secure right next to momma, so make it easy. What if you are blessed with a bigger baby? Which baby carriers are best for your back? Which carriers are the most comfortable for baby? Here are a few I would recommend.

  1. Boba Soft Structured Carriers: These carriers are just amazing. I purchased a Boba 3G when my daughter was 3 months old, and we still use it. (She’s 17 months old!) This carrier is very structured and comes with storage compartments. It has a place for your cell phone or keys. It’s a longer carrier, so it’s ideal for a taller mom or a longer baby. The carrier features soft shoulder straps that are easy to adjust, making it very comfortable and easy to use. My daughter was in my Boba every time I went to the store for months, especially around 3-6 months. I didn’t have to worry about her getting squirmy in her infant seat. She was right by my side. I have worn this carrier at a professional baseball game with no discomfort or back pain. The weight requirements are 7-45 lbs. It retails for around $125.
  2. Baby Hawk Mei Teis: These carriers work great, as well. My good friend has had three bigger babies, and she has used this carrier with each one. This carrier features a few different options for how you tie it to make it comfortable for mom. The baby’s weight is well distributed in the front carry, because you can tie the soft strap behind baby’s back. I have worn this carrier with my daughter and it always felt very secure. The weight requirements for this carrier are newborn to 40 lbs. It retails for around $95
  3. Moby Wraps: These are such popular wraps. The Moby is a long piece of fabric that can be manipulated in several different ways to do different holds. The fabric is stretchy and sturdy. I wore my daughter in a Moby for a long period of time with no discomfort. While I do prefer a structured carrier, if you are going to use a wrap, I recommend a Moby. The weight requirements are 8-35 lbs. These retail for around $50.

No matter how big your baby is, you can find a carrier that is right for you. Find one that is comfortable for baby and for you, momma. Enjoy the bond and the ease of baby wearing!

Karyn Meyerhoff is a baby-wearing lover. She plans on getting a new carrier with baby 2 and still uses her Boba with her first baby.