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Fun Summer Exercises with Baby

Wednesday, July 1st, 2015

IMG_0202-2Let’s face it. As moms, we tend to put our needs last on the list. But we still need to take care of ourselves. For me, I need exercise. It is part of my sanity to fit back into pre-baby jeans and have a release of some kind. With one baby, I seemed to still satisfy this need easily. Enter baby 2, and I’m still overweight and sitting here in my “I just had a baby jeans.” Regardless, there are some ways you can incorporate exercise into your life with babies. Here are some great exercises to try this summer.

Run, Jog, Walk:

For me, having a jogging stroller has been a blessing. With one baby, we used it all of the time. I got in a good run and she got in some entertainment at the park. Now with two, I have a double jogger. It’s a beast to push and run, but I’m working on it. Take your baby with you to a park, walk your local downtown neighborhood, or just check out your street you live on. Walk, jog, or run. Do what is easiest for you. Remember that baby needs to have good head control before placing him in a jogging stroller. I waited until after 6 months with both of my kids. Don’t forget a sippy cup filled with water and some water for you, too. Stay hydrated and get in a good workout.

Wear Your Baby:

If you are just super busy and don’t have the time, put your baby in a carrier like a Tula or Boba and get some errands checked off your list. Wearing your baby on the front will be a workout. For me, bending down while babywearing is not an easy task. Try doing squats and lunges with baby in tow. Do them outside in a grassy area where you can get some Vitamin D.

Put baby on your back and go for a hike with a friend or loved one. Wear comfortable walking shoes and remember sunscreen for baby. My son Levi instantly falls asleep while being worn on my back.

Take Your Workout Outside:

You can use a stroller to increase your activity. Besides just walking, use your stroller to get more calories burned. You can do squats and lunges while holding onto your stroller. Just remember to hang onto your handle. Try going up hill and getting more of a workout, too. Not easy but worth it!

Also try doing push-ups or sit-ups on a blanket or mat outside. Baby will love to sit and watch you. For an added weight, hold your baby while you complete each repetition.

If you have access to a swimming pool, take baby for a swim. The simple motion of lifting and lowering your baby towards the water is a great arm workout. Plus, babies love the water. The bonus is awesome bonding time.

Classes and Home Workouts:

Try finding a class that offers mommy-and-me options. Yoga can be done safely with baby in a baby carrier. Classes that are tailored towards mom and baby needs are great for you both! You can use your baby as a weight and experiment with ab exercises too. Just remember to keep your safety and baby’s safety a top priority. If all else fails, pop in a dvd and pray for nap time!

Karyn Meyerhoff is a mom of two little ones in Northeast Indiana. After writing this blog, she is inspired to get to the Y in the morning!

Get Fit While Babywearing

Friday, April 4th, 2014

Finding time to work out with a baby can be challenging–especially when you have a fussy baby who insists on being held. If babywearing is the only way your little one will let you go hands-free, you’ll be happy to learn that actually get a great workout while doing just that!

All you need is a baby carrier, a few hand weights, a resistance band, about 20 minutes and a little bit of space. Shoot for 20 reps of each exercise and repeat each series three times. Always start with a light warm-up; maybe some yoga stretches before putting your baby in a carrier, or a quick walk around the block. Keep your baby entertained by singing, talking or playing music.

Click each link for a video to the exercise.

1A. Squats. Start with your feet hip-width apart, and with your weight in the heels squat down just past parallel. You can gradually increase the intensity by adding some hand weights.

1B. Tricep  dips. Use a bench, chair or sofa to hold onto for dips. Start with shallow dips and over time make them deeper and move your legs further away until you find the perfect resistance.

2A. Lunges. Focus on long strides between lunges and pushing off with your back leg so you engage muscles in both legs at the same time. Do 20 reps on each side before going on to the next exercise.

2B. Bicep Curls. Use a couple of hand weights, soup cans, or bottles of water to give you some resistance. Make sure to lower your arms all the way down until you feel your triceps engaging at the bottom. Pause for just a second before bringing them back up. If your weights aren’t heavy enough to feel a burn after 20 reps, either increase weight or keep going until you feel a burn.

3A. Leg swings. If you have a resistance band, put it around your legs. Start with your legs hip-width apart and with a slight bend in the knees. Push your leg out to the side one side at a time. If you don’t have resistance bands, simply swing your leg as far you can with control so you feel a burn in your thighs.

3B. Overhead press. Use your weights and start with your arms down by your side. Do a bicep curl up and then continue to into a press above your head. Repeat the same motion on the way down. This movement will give you a great bang for your buck since it engages biceps, triceps and shoulders.

As you begin to feel comfortable with the routine, you can start to play around with different exercises and intensity. Remember to alternate an upper body exercise with a lower body exercise–this will allow the muscles to recover for a few minutes while you continue to burn calories. Don’t forget to cool down and stretch after your workout and take a day of rest between sessions.

Jacqueline Banks is a certified Holistic Health Counselor focused on nutrition and green living strategies. She works with women in all stages of motherhood, from mothers struggling with conception, through pregnancy, lactation and beyond to ensure the best health and nutrition for both mother and baby.

Silent Saturday: How desert dwellers go sledding!

Saturday, March 16th, 2013

Sometimes people think it’s too hard to fit in exercise while your kids are little. Our solution? Let the kids join in on the fun! Check out hubby pushing his homemade sled with our 3 boys on it as weights. The kids get to go for a fun ride, while daddy gets a workout. It’s a win, win!


Don’t have a sled? No worries! Now that the weather is warming up and Spring is on its way, there are lots of fun, easy outdoor exercises you can do that require no equipement at all. Simply taking a walk with your family is a great way to get started exercising together. Head to the park and do some sprints, lunges, squats, burpees, push-ups, planks, jumping jacks, etc. Bring a soccer ball to kick around with the kids. Play tag. Make up an obstacle course. Skip around the park. Seriously, just let go of any inhibitions and SKIP! You cannot help but SMILE wide while skipping. 🙂

Have fun this weekend everybody! And get a couple skips in if you can. 😉