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Toddler’s First Haircut

Friday, October 3rd, 2014

Toddler’s First HaircutOh, the milestones. First word. First steps. First haircut? Babies don’t enter the world looking all the same. Some are born with lots of hair, some with very little. Both of my babies were born in the middle. A little hair, not enough to do anything with, but some hair. As babies grow into toddlers, many grow hair…lots of hair. My daughter’s hair went from non-existent to a small pony tail between year 1 and 2. So, what are some tips for surviving your toddler’s first haircut?

Do It Yourself

If you are like me, then your toddler’s first haircut is simply a bang trim. I went to Target, bought a cheap pair of trimming scissors, and went to town on Johanna’s bangs. Doing it yourself will save money. You can even document the experience at home. Dress them up, decorate a special chair, invite the family to be a part of the celebration. Of course, cutting a boy’s hair vs. a girl’s hair is going to be different. Sectioning off the hair and completing the tasks in several steps can help with success. In this case, practice makes progress.

Try a Trusted Beautician

If you are blessed with a baby with lots of hair, try taking them to a trusted beautician. Many salons welcome little ones and have stylists who are trained to work with squirmy little people. I have a good friend who takes her 2-year-old to the same stylist each time. Her son is familiar with the location and the friendly face. Make sure you explain to the stylist what you would like done. Take your child’s favorite stuffed animal or lovey with you. They may need a few extra snuggles if they are apprehensive. Take them out for a special treat to reward good behavior and a new do.

When Good Hair Goes Bad

This is the hard part. Sometimes, toddlers have crazy hair, my daughter included. I have cut her bangs several times now, and she has rocked a mullet before.  There are many hair products that will help tame a toddler’s crazy hair. I am excited to try a new detangler like California Baby on my daughter for those days when she has crazy hair. Tangle Teezer brushes can help get tangles out of long or thick hair fast and without pulling. Try a new shampoo or conditioner on your toddler like Hip Peas as a reward for surviving the new adventure.

Real Mom Talk

Remember that even a stylist can make a mistake. Don’t be afraid or nervous to go back in to get the haircut fixed. Don’t be embarrassed if your toddler is terrified and the stylist gets half of the haircut done. Real moms have been there with their kids.  Remember, it’s just hair. It will grow back.

No matter who holds the scissors, you hold the power to help your toddler grow and develop. Show them that getting a haircut is a fun, exciting experience.

Karyn Meyerhoff is a mom of two under 2 in Northeast Indiana. She has never been good at doing her own hair, but she loves to get her hair done at the salon.