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Silent Saturday: Boys and Tea Parties

Saturday, May 4th, 2013

Yesterday my boys played downstairs while I worked upstairs writing this blog post. When I was finished I walked downstairs to discover this:

“Um. hey guys…what is my neti pot doing down here?”

“Oh we were having a tea party with it”.

And see here I thought having all boys meant I wouldn’t get to experience tea parties with my kids. Nope, I was wrong. They will happily play tea party…with something that has been UP MY NOSE!

This is how the rest of the conversation progressed:

Me – “Do you guys know that I use this to flush boogers out of my nose?”

Boys – “Cool! How does it work?”

Me – “Well, I stick this part in my nose. So do you see why you wouldn’t want to use this for a tea party?”

Boys – “Can you show us how it works?!?!”

Me – “So you are not grossed out at all by this?”

Boys – “We want to see you flush your boogers out!!”

*Sigh*. Silly me. Of course the mention of boogers would be exciting and not gross to my boys.

Guess I should think about getting them a real tea set, huh?

Happy Saturday All!