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Fashionable Swimsuits for Moms

Wednesday, June 18th, 2014

Great Swimsuits for Moms

Once you become a mother and go through the body change that you always hear other moms talk about, you realize it’s time to get a new swimsuit.

Now, I know many think, “I’m going to lose the baby weight and go back to my pre-baby size,” and, although you might, your body just isn’t ever the same.

For me, I know that there is that feeling that the stuff I used to wear just isn’t appropriate to wear to the pool with my kids. I have one suit I just bought to hold me over until I get my mom suits and I get this feeling that even though it’s a two piece and it’s not showing too much…it just feels a little too revealing for hanging with the kids at the pool.

Here are a few options that bring the sexy but also feel perfect for running around with the kiddos.

The High-waisted Bikini

I love that Target allows you to choose the type of top and bottom you are

Great Swimsuits for Moms

looking for that works for your body type.  A midikini top plus a high waist bikini bottom will be perfection for anyone battling mummy-tummy or who wants to protect a c-section scar from the sun.  Plus, such a great price!  You can get a few and change them around.  You can find similar options as stores like H&M and Forever 21.

Click the image for more great options for showing off your curves.

The Cut-out

Cut-outs are another great way to show a little skin and look sexy without baring

Great suits for momsit all. The Mara Hoffman peek-a-boo at the tummy one-piece, called the one-piece tank is perfect since the cutout is in a spot that draws the eye up. Plus, Mara Hoffman just knows how to do a fun one piece–she is a mommy too!

Rock a Ruffle

Ruffles are fun, flirty, and also offer coverage or can help give you more shape where you want it.

A little ruffle on the bottom with a low top makes you still feel like you’ve got it with enough coverage for problem areas.

Whatever you do and wherever you go this summer, dress to give yourself confidence. Look great, feel great, and have fun splashing with your kids.

Natasha Rao is a fashion blogger and stylish mother of three who just began the adventure of a lifetime after moving her entire family to India.