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Fan Photo Friday: Celebrating Summer!

Friday, June 8th, 2012

Summer is here in full force! Yippie! There are so many fun activities to enjoy as a family during the summer. Some of my favorites include going to outdoor music festivals, hiking, and traveling. For this week’s Fan Photo Friday I asked Mom’s Milk Boutique Fans to share photos of their favorite summer time activities. Here they are:

This is three year old Wyatt who hopes to spend his entire summer splashing at the pool with his three sisters.

And here’s his adorable little sister taking a break from swimming to show off her talent of crawling while eating a pretzel! I just love her brown curly locks!

Here’s brothers Josh and Gavin enjoying a boat ride at a water park in Indiana called Holiday World. Looks like tons of fun! I know my boys would love it there.

This is 8 month old Margot’s first time in a baby swing at the park…awwww, I totally remember that milestone with my kids too! 🙂 Margot decided to celebrate this new adventure by attempting to give her mama a big wet kiss on each swing. Isn’t she the sweetest?!

Check out this Fair Maiden attempting fire spinning with her homemade poi (confession I had no idea what that actually meant until my friend google explained it to me 😉 ). Her mama gives a helping hand while little sister hangs out on mama’s back. So cool!

Here’s another photo of Princess Marissa, age 5, practicing tossing the caber (again, no clue what that meant…this time my other friend wikipeida helped me out) for the St. Louis Renaissance Faire. The Scotsman assisting her is actually her grandfather who is one of the cast members.

And lastly here’s a photo of my goofy boys doing what we love best during the summer…playing outdoors in the mountains!

and I usually do a ton of reading over the summer which is my second most favorite thing to do….

Because of course my number one favorite thing is running! I have a couple of exciting races I am training for this summer so the plan is to do lots and lots of running! 🙂 Cheers to an awesome summer all filled with the activities and people you love!

Thanks everyone for sharing your photos with us! This week’s winner of 25 Milk Miles is….Princess Marissa tossing the caber with her grandfather! I loved everything about the photo; the costumes, the unqiueness of the activity, that grandparent and grandchild working together, and the lovely green trees!

On to next week’s Fan Photo Friday. I am sure you have all seen the “Sh*t Crunchy Dads Say” video that went viral this week. Pretty funny stuff!! Feeling inspired by the video to recognize all the crunchy dads out there, let’s see some babywearing daddy photos!! You can email your Babywearing Daddy photo to by Thursday, June 14 and include any information you want shared such as age of baby/child, type of carrier, type of hold, etc. Then check back on Friday, June 15 to see some awesome crunchy daddies 25 Milk Miles!