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Silent Saturday: Cloth Diaper Storage

Saturday, April 6th, 2013

My dear friend is 40 weeks pregnant with baby #1! Isn’t she lovely? She is beautiful both inside and out!

She registered at Mom’s Milk Boutique to build a cloth diaper stash for her little one. Check out a few of her adorable newborns diapers…I am kind of drooling over them as much as I am over her baby bump, lol!

She has a seriously awesome newborn diaper stash! She’s going to have soooo much fun diapering her wee one. Speaking of fun, look at how she organized her diapering area. I just love it!

Organizing a cloth diaper stash is THE perfect nesting activity for a full term mama. Wishing you a blessed birth my friend! And definitely looking forward to meeting that sweet baby of yours!! ­čÖé

Do you have a cloth diaper storage┬ásystem you are especially fond of? Sent me a picture of it at and I will post it here! ­čÖé