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Caring For Your Beco

Friday, November 13th, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 9.50.40 PMAdmit it. You got tired of having the baby pull your hair and handed him a snack. Those berries (drink, food pouch, crackers, distraction of your choice) seemed like a great idea at the time. You keep your hair, baby is happy, everybody wins! But then, baby comes down and you see it. Your beautiful carrier looks like it visited a cafeteria during a food fight. What to do?!

As with most carriers, you generally want to spot clean an SSC (Soft Structured Carrier) like a Beco. Use a mild detergent, cool water, and rub gently to clean any small stains that may arise. Hang or lay flat to dry and you’re good to go.

But what do you do when it’s more than just a bit of smushed food? What do you do when, say, baby has a blowout of all blowouts while riding inside her carrier, or when she soaks that diaper that you knew you should have changed, or when it slips to the floorboards of the car and becomes a target for muddy feet? Then, my friends, it’s time to actually wash your Beco.

Per Beco’s website, their advice is to “Wash on DELICATE/WARM cycle with a mild detergent. Hang dry in well ventilated area or tumble dry on low and remove when seams are still damp. Spot clean when needed. Do not wash frequently.”

So, should you need to toss your Beco in the wash, here’s what I recommend. Depending on the model of your Beco, remove any detachable hoods or pockets, unless they also need to be washed. Connect both the chest strap buckles and the hip belt, so that the buckles and straps are less likely to get caught during washing (especially if you have a standard top loader with agitator). For extra protection, toss your carrier into a pillow case and tie up the top before washing. No loose straps! Then add your carrier to your machine with a mild detergent, set to your most delicate cycle, and choose a warm water temperature. Close the lid, start the cycle, go find out what your kid has gotten into while you’ve been in the laundry room.

Once washed, I prefer to hang to dry. By keeping the chest clip buckled you can easily hang the carrier over a sturdy coat hanger. You can also lay the carrier flat to dry, but if you’re not using a drying rack of some sort, be sure to place it on a towel and flip it every so often so that it dries evenly. If you really need a quicker option, you can tumble dry your Beco on low or the air dry cycle. I recommend the pillow case again for this, to protect the buckles.

Then you go. You should have your Beco back to shiny condition, ready and waiting for that next stain to come its way. Cupcakes, anyone?

Kate Cunha is mom to a tall 3 year old that still needs to go up on occasion. Her toddler Beco is one of her favorite choices.

Sunning Your Cloth Diapers

Thursday, April 23rd, 2015

Sunning Your DiapersDaylight savings? Check! Warmer temps? Check! Sunny skies? CHECK! None of these things are necessary elements of diaper sunning success, but doesn’t it just feel like it’s time to open those windows, pull out your clothes pins, and get those cloth diapers in the sun?

Generally, I am a big-bang-little-buck kind of mama, minimal if you will. I’m not against oxygen bleach, chlorine bleach, or other additives, but I am cautious as they may cause wear and tear and void some warranties.

Prevent stains first by never letting them set. Use a disposable or fleece liner to catch most or all of the stain. Hopefully you are able to change poopy diapers as soon as possible, mostly for the sake of your kiddo’s comfort and cleanliness. Quick changes will allow you to address the stain before it sets. Water is also your friend, whether you spray, dunk-and-swish, or rinse.

Enter the sun. Allow it to work for you most by setting out your washed, damp diapers in direct sunlight on a bright, shiny day; Know that even a cloudy, rainy, or cold day will prove effective. If it’s chilly or you can’t leave your diapers outside due to housing rules or safety, lay them out by a sunny window inside. If a stain proves unruly, try adding a squirt of lemon juice to it for another sunning session immediately or when you next have time to sun. You can also try a natural stain stick like buncha farmers to aid the process.

Beware of excessive heat if you live in a climate that reaches excess of 120+ degrees in the sun. Though unlikely, your TPU/PUL waterproof materials and elastic may also experience unneeded wear and tear if you leave your diapers out for hours on end. Speaking of which, don’t forget to bring your diapers in when you’re done! Yes, I’ve been there and done that! Line drying in the sun not only saves energy and adds freshness to your load of laundry, it also serves as a cost-effective, natural, and non-toxic bleaching agent. Enjoy your fresh fluff!

Lynette Moran shares her life with her husband and two sons, ages 1 and 3 years. She has cloth diapered both since birth and enjoys all things eco-friendly and mindful living.

Getting Baby Stains out of Your Laundry

Tuesday, March 17th, 2015

Getting Baby Stains Out of Your LaundryIf you have had your baby home longer than, oh, five seconds, you have probably dealt with some baby stains. Blow-outs, spit-up, breast milk, drool…you may have also discovered this stuff doesn’t wash out of clothing very easily, either. If your regular laundry routine isn’t cutting it, try some of these tips for keeping your baby’s (and your) clothes looking like new. You can try them on old stains on hand-me-downs too.

No matter the source, the best thing you can do is treat the spot right away. Rinse in cool or warm water, then spray a pre-treater on the spot. Leave the item until you are ready to wash. Wash the item normally, then before tossing it in the dryer, inspect the item closely. If the stain is still there, don’t put it in the dryer! The high heat will bake it right in.

If the stain is still there, don’t fret. Try some of these tried-and-true ideas:

  • A long soak in Oxy-clean. Fill a sink or bucket with HOT water, swish the oxy-clean in to dissolve, and add the stained items. Then wash normally afterwards. I have a couple friends that swear by this and this, but there are many products on the market that should be easily accessible.
  • Blue Dawn is an excellent product to have around for a zillion reasons, and this is another one. Add dawn on the stain and gently work it into the fabric, with your hands or a soft toothbrush. Let it sit a bit and then wash.
  • Sunlight and lemon juice. This is especially useful on the bright yellow breastmilk poop. You can try just drying the item in the sun (if it’s cloudy or rainy, don’t worry; it will take longer but you can sun indoors from a window or even on your car dashboard). You should see a major difference, but if the stain is still there, spray some lemon juice on and sun again. Fresh lemon juice seems to work better than me vs. bottled, but they both work well.
  • Another friend’s husband is a chemist; he suggested she use Simple Green as a pre-treater. A similar tip that I have heard a ton of times is using automatic dishwasher detergent. Both would work in a way similar to the blue Dawn in that they are designed to break down proteins and fats, but I would personally save these as a last resort as they are not very natural and also hard on fabric.

No matter what method you choose, once the stain is gone, it’s good to do an extra rinse to make sure anything you have treated the garment with is truly washed out.

Meaghan Howard is a mom to two boys and a steady stream of foster dogs. She and her family currently live in Japan.

Monday Funday Giveaway: Charlie’s Soap Laundry Powder

Monday, October 15th, 2012

Charlie’s Soap Laundry Powder always gets rave review from cloth diapering mamas! That is because there are honestly sooo many things to love about this laundry powder. For starters the price can’t be beat. Only one tablespoon per large load is needed (really….just ONE!). If you do the math it ends up costing you only a few pennies per load!

Now you may be wondering with such an economical price tag, does it actually work effectively? And the answer across the board seems to be a unanimous, YES! The super cool thing about Charlies’s Laundry Powder is that it really cleans! Many laundry soaps merely cover up stains and odors with scents and brighteners, but Charlie’s non-toxic and completely biodegradable formula utilizes coconut-based detergents and high-grade, completely soluble, Green River washing soda to get your diapers (and clothes) super duper clean. These ingredients are perfect for gentle baby skin. Plus make it is safe to use with all fabrics including wool, linen, cotton, high-tech microfibers and even silk.  Charlie’s Laundry Powder is compatible with High Efficiency/Front Loading washing machines.

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Good luck mamas!



Sunday Funday Giveaway: Bac-Out Stain & Odor Eliminator by BioKleen

Sunday, August 26th, 2012

One of my favorite products to strip my cloth diapers is Bac-Out Stain & Odor Eliminator. Not only does this environmentally friendly product smell great, it is super effective at eliminating both stains and odors that can build up over time on cloth diapers. You can use it by either squirting it directly on the diapers before you wash them or by adding some Bac-Out to the pre-rinse wash cycle (my preferred method of use). Although Bac-out is powerfully effective its ingredients are safe for gentle and sensitive skin. It is completely FREE of harsh toxic ingredients such as glycol ether, alcohol, chlorine, petrochemical solvents, phosphate, MEA, EDTA, nonyl phenol, sodium lauryl or laureth sulfate, artificial fragrance, colors or preservatives. Additionally it is completely FREE of any animal products and by products nor does it test on animals which makes vegans around the world smile from ear to ear!

If your diapers are in need of a good stripping then be sure to enter this week’s giveaway for a 32oz spray bottle of Bac-Out Stain & Odor Eliminator by BioKleen! One winner will be selected at random and announced on Sunday, September 2. Winner will be notified via email and is asked to reply within 48 hours of email with shipping address in order to claim their prize.