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Pregnancy Week 31: Side Effects

Monday, June 23rd, 2014

Pregnancy Week 31: Pregnancy SIde EYou’re in the grocery store and they don’t have the right kind of canned corn you need to buy for your recipe. To a normal woman, it’s not a big deal. To a highly emotional, full-of-raging-hormones pregnant woman, it’s the end of the world. I’ve been thinking this week about some of the side effects pregnant women encounter.

Let’s start with pregnancy brain. Is it real or just a myth? While being pregnant doesn’t actually cause changes in your actual brain, it can affect your memory and thinking. Helen Christensen, PhD, of The Australian National University, says, “If you read pregnancy manuals and listen to pregnant mothers—-yes, there is such a thing as pregnancy brain or ‘momnesia,’ and there is also evidence from research showing deficits in memory.”

Being stressed out, nervous, or sleep deprived can definitely cause you to feel like you are suffering from pregnancy brain. Being pregnant also affects what holds your attention. Your intelligence isn’t affected, but your priorities in thinking are.

Here are some easy tips to combat pregnancy brain:

  • Have a sense of humor. This is temporary. You will feel like yourself again soon.
  • Write things down. Make lists or tell your spouse aloud what you need so one of you remembers.
  • Accept help. Let others help you and try to limit your daily responsibilities.

What about body changes during pregnancy? With my first pregnancy, I gained 44 pounds and developed an awful habit or snoring. My husband was not a fan. So far, I haven’t heard that I’m snoring again. One study claims that one-fourth of all pregnant women experience some snoring sleep disruptions during pregnancy, especially during their last weeks. Congestion, weight gain, and even the increase in blood pumping through your body can be to blame for this pregnancy symptom.

Vivid dreams can be caused by an increase of the hormone progesterone in your body. This hormone causes your emotions to flourish and your dreams to come to life at night. Ever have an incredibly real dream that you forgot your lunch, didn’t have time to fix your hair, and were going to be late for high school English? I have had that dream a few times this pregnancy. Many women tend to dream about their baby. What will they look like? Is it a boy or a girl?

Pregnancy is a roller coaster full of emotions and funny moments. Cherish each moment, momma, and take the time for a really good belly laugh. You may be forgetful now, but just remember that you are not forgotten!

Karyn Meyerhoff is a mom of one and one on the way in Northeast Indiana. She is starting to take herself a lot less seriously as her pregnancy progresses.