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Tasty Tuesday: Super Simple Pickled Carrots

Tuesday, February 19th, 2013

I recently (and happily) discovered my grocery store carries 25lbs bags of organic juicing carrots…woohoo! One day while shopping I happen to see the huge bag of carrots sitting out and kind of assumed it was to stock the loose carrot bin. I decided to ask the produce person if I could buy it. He said “Sure!”.

Yippie! Now I know all I have to do is ask for a 25lb bag of carrots because they generally keep them in the back of the store. They sell the bag for 17.99 (that’s just .72cents a lb). AND they are GOOD carrots…super sweet and crunchy!

Needless to say we drink a lot of carrot juice and eat a lot of carrot soup. We dip raw carrots in our hummus and our bean dip. We use carrots to make our veggie stock. We make carrot muffins. I put carrots in our marinara sauce, stew, curry…in general we consume a lot of carrots. 🙂 I am always looking for creative things to do with carrots!

While visiting a friend a few weeks back she gave me a fun idea. It started with a VIP tour of her garden, (which included an all-you-can-eat snap pea bar that my four year old went to town on) and a generous bunch of fresh dill pulled straight from the dirt! My friend knew my kids were on a pickle kick and gave me the idea to pickle carrots. She let us sample of few of hers and shared these super simple instructions on how to make them:


1 large, clean glass jar approximately 28oz filled with filtered water. (You need to use a jar that has a lid. I use an old pickle jar)

8 peeled and sliced carrots

1 – 2 teaspoons sea salt

1 handful of fresh dill

*you can add other ingredients to taste. Some ideas include garlic, peppercorns, jalapenos, cumin seeds, etc. Whatever flavors you like! I usually keep mine super simple so the kidlets will snack on them.


Put all ingredients in the jar, put the lid on tightly, and then sit out on counter for 48+ hours. Then transfer to fridge. Enjoy once they are cold.

It’s THAT easy! This is not canning or preserving the carrots, so they won’t last long (but trust me, they won’t last long anyway) and must be stored in the fridge. ENJOY!