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When Your Baby Doesn’t Want to Stop Nursing

Monday, November 30th, 2015

When your Baby doesn't want to stop nursingFellow mommas, here I am writing this blog while I am deep in the trenches. My son Levi is days away from 14 months old, and he doesn’t want to stop nursing. I mean, not at all. This boy could nurse 6 times a day and be as happy as a camper. With my daughter, we started weaning the week after she turned 1, and by 13 months, it was over. With Levi, we are still nursing very frequently.

Now I know this isn’t necessarily a problem. Getting to this point is an accomplishment, and I don’t take it lightly. Many moms struggle with troubles with baby’s latch, poor milk supply, and other health concerns, that hinder their nursing journey. Levi’s journey has been a breeze, except for one devastating bite incident back in the spring.

Do I want to stop nursing? Not necessarily. I want to stop when Levi is ready. I know it is precious to him, and to take it away quickly would not be caring on my part. However, has anyone else ever felt this way?

I would like my body back. While nursing is very beneficial in my bra size, I would like to wear my pretty bras again. I don’t want to wear nursing pads anymore, either. Selfish, maybe. Nursing is a gift of love, and in a way, it takes a part of you.

Many moms don’t experience the return of their fertility while nursing. My daughter was weaned solely so we could try for baby 2. Here I sit, no fertility, and not sure. Breastfeeding can hinder ovulation in moms and this can cause family planning to be a little tricky for some of us.

But, what’s important to me is that I let Levi wean at his pace. Baby-led weaning is a popular technique. I have been slowly introducing cow’s milk to Levi, and it’s going well. He still wakes in the night to nurse, but I know someday soon that may be a thing of the past.

If you are ready to wean your baby, you can take some steps to encourage baby to get on board. Offering milk at nursing sessions or rocking your baby before bed can help. For me, simply singing some songs to Levi before nap has helped.

So, mommas, has anyone else ever felt this way? You wouldn’t mind being done, but your baby just doesn’t seem ready. Here’s what I think. I think it’s important to acknowledge that baby isn’t ready. Sure, I am tired. I dream of the day when I can sleep in and my husband can get up at 6 a.m. with Levi. Sure, I am a little over it. Not going to lie. But, I know that babies don’t keep and babies change so easily. By the time I figure out how to slow Levi down, he will start weaning himself. So, momma, if you’re like me, hang in there. Keep nursing for now. There will be a day when your baby won’t care. There will be a day when I’m sad that Levi doesn’t care. For now, I nurse and contemplate how to wean. For now, I find joy in the fact that my little guy still finds me his comfort, his love, his mommy.

Karyn Meyerhofff is a mom of two in Northeast Indiana who will be up at 4 a.m. to nurse Levi tonight.