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Why Won’t My Baby Sleep?

Tuesday, January 7th, 2014

Why Won't My Baby Sleep?I remember it well. My daughter was around 4 months old. She had started to smile, play, and just be a lot of fun. Along with this fun came sleep issues. Transitioning to her crib from her pack ‘n play, waking up every hour or so to nurse, waking up in the night just to hang out and play. They no longer sleep those long stretches and mom starts to panic. Here are a few tips I discovered while battling many sleepless nights.

Tip #1 Find their happy place

My daughter slept right next to my bed until around 4 months old. It was so easy to grab her, nurse her, and put her back down. We rarely woke up her daddy, and it made for quite the easy night. She also became a lot more aware that she was next to mommy. She would wake up and see me and cry. While I have never ventured into bedsharing, I discovered that having my daughter in the room, but not next to me, was effective. This is also a great time to transition into the crib if you choose. You can start with naps, and then try it at bedtime. Find the best spot for baby to sleep that is safe, comfy and works for both of you.

Tip #2: Sound machines are a lifesaver

A friend recommended a sound machine to me. As a new mom, I was clueless. I bought the My Baby by Homedics Sound Spa at Target. It retails for around $25. White noise, sounds of lullabies, heartbeat sounds, and other white noise helps baby feel they are not alone. It also prevents waking from the slightest noise. I also recommend things like the Baby Einstein Sea Dreams Soother aquarium. My daughter still uses this. It plays almost a half hour of soothing lullabies and features a relaxing underwater theme. These retail for around $40 on Amazon.

Tip #3: Go to other moms for advice

Other moms always have great advice. Another tip I was told was to start creating a bedtime routine so baby knows what is happening. Try a soothing bath with Angel Baby Bath Blossoms. Baby massage is also another way to soothe baby to sleep. Sing lullabies to baby before bedtime. There are so many resources online, but I think as moms we often forget our best resource is our friends–other moms who share our parenting styles and philosophies.

Tip #4: This Too Shall Pass

A friend told me about the 4-month wakeful period. I am convinced that we lived through that. My daughter soon began sleeping better, and I did, too. The nursing slowed down in the night, although growth spurt times were times of frequent waking. I frequented Starbucks, but that’s nothing new. I remember sitting up in the night with my daughter at 3 a.m. one night and she just wasn’t tired. She preferred playtime. Try to think of it as you are the person your baby loves enough to want to spend precious time with. You won’t get those precious moments back.

Karyn is a mom of one. She likes her sleep but loves her daughter Johanna so much more!