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Ways to Combat Baby Eczema

Monday, January 19th, 2015

Ways to Combat Baby EczemaWe all believe we have the prettiest baby. I know I believe my two children are the most precious kids out there. My daughter has my complexion and has always had mostly clear skin. My son Levi is all boy. We’ve dealt with cradle cap, severe dry, sensitive skin, and now baby eczema.

Eczema is the medical term for severely dry, sensitive skin. Many babies, as well as adults suffer from this condition. When my baby boy Levi started having patchy, flaky skin, I just thought I wasn’t using enough lotion. It turns out the lovely smelling lotions I was using to keep him smelling great were just irritating his skin more. Eczema typically looks like dry, scaly skin or red, irritated bumps. According to Babycenter, about 20% of babies and young children suffer from this condition and it is likely inherited.

How to treat it:

The best thing to do is to keep the moisture coming! The important thing with baby lotions is that you choose something that is free of common irritants, dyes, and perfumes. I have been using Lubriderm and Aquafor lotion on Levi. You can also try moisturizers from California Baby or Earth Mama Angel Baby.

It’s also important to eliminate the irritating products from your baby’s routine. Being careful about soaps, lotions, and even laundry detergents can help combat baby eczema. Try using a laundry detergent like Allen’s Natural Detergent. A safe bath soap to use is Episencial. It is also recommended to not use fabric softener in your laundry. Taking these precautions will help your little one be comfortable in their skin.

It’s important to not limit bathing while trying to combat eczema. Frequent bathing can actually help.

Allowing your child’s skin to breathe and stay cool in fabrics like cotton can also help, and don’t discount the importance of exploring dietary causes. An elimination diet can help identify foods you may be eating that are causing eczema in your baby. Common offenders include eggs and dairy.

With Levi, I knew something was up because he kept scratching like crazy. Eczema can be itchy, so be sure to try to keep scratching at bay. Using baby mittens or allowing your child to sleep on soft sheets can help here.

If your baby’s eczema is still persistent after trying these remedies, talk to your pediatrician. Ours recommended a topical steroid cream for Levi. So far, it is really helping. Remember, you are supermom. You can combat baby eczema with a few changes and a lot of love.

Karyn Meyerhoff is a mom of two in northeast Indiana. She loves her little Levi, flaky skin and all.