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Teething Jewelry

Tuesday, September 13th, 2016

teething jewelry

Teething. One little word, so many feels from anyone who’s parented an infant. The drool, the rashes, the fussiness. It’s a tough time for babies and for parents.

There are lots of things parents do to help their little ones. My mother-in-law gave my babies frozen chunks of melon. I remember my mom giving my siblings water-filled plastic rings that she put in the freezer to chew on. My sons have all worn/are wearing amber necklaces and we experimented with teething tablets and mesh feeding bags as well. But the newest thing I’ve been seeing for teething relief in the past few years is teething jewelry.

Teething jewelry is made of wood or silicone beads fashioned into a necklace or bracelet that is worn by a parent. Ta-da! Portable teethers that can’t get lost. Super smart idea!

The first ones I remember seeing were a pendant worn on a string, with the silicone colored to roughly resemble natural stones. Now though, you can get just about anything in just about any color, thanks to the flexibility of silicone material and creativity of designers.

Plusses to teething jewelry are, like I mentioned before, how convenient it is to be wearing a teether. Whether it’s at home or on the go, it’s really nice to have something always on hand. When you are wearing it, your baby can’t chuck it out of the carrier or stroller. You can also choose to attach it to the carrier or stroller.

Also, there are a ton of fun colors and designs available. It’s possible now to wear chewable jewelry and not look like you’re wearing, well, a chew toy. The price point is pretty affordable as well, which could allow you to have a couple different options to wear each day (I almost wrote “match,” but I wasn’t sure what matches spit-up covered busted t-shirts and leggings).

Downsides: Well, like anything, kids are fickle. Not every kiddo is going to like or get relief from chewing silicone teethers. It’s probably best to start with one inexpensive item and see how your child likes it before buying more. Also, I’m not personally a germaphobe, but I could see how some people may not like the potential germ-collecting possibilities of some pieces, particularly bracelets (though all teethers may make germaphobes a bit squeamish as well). The jewelry is very easy to clean with warm, soapy water, low maintenance (yay!).

Meaghan Howard is a stay-at-home mom to three boys (and desperately hoping that they don’t burn the house down someday). She and her family are enjoying living an ex-pat life overseas.

Monday Funday Giveaway: Molar Muncher

Monday, October 29th, 2012

If you have a teething baby, you are going to LOVE this new product at Mom’s Milk Boutique…introducing the Molar Muncher! At first glance it looks like a pacifier, right? However this unique teether functions way differently than a pacifier and serves a much different purpose. The Molar Muncher is specifically designed to provide soothing relief to the entire gum line simultaneously. The soft u-shaped tab reaches all the way back to the molars to effectively comfort a teething baby by providing contact with the entire dental arch. The Molar Munch can be used hands-free, unlike most teethers where baby (or parent) have to hold the teether in their mouth.

In addition to being super effective, the Molar Muncher is made in the USA from BPA free medical grade non-toxic silicone. Due to the manufacturing process where a single mold injection is used, there are no small crevices for icky germs to hide. Although it is dishwasher safe for times it needs a little extra cleaning.

Would you like to win a Molar Muncher for your teething babe? Then be sure to enter today’s giveaway below! Winner will be announced on Sunday, November 4. Winner will be notified via email and is asked to reply within 48 hours in order to claim prize.


Good luck mamas!