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Pottytraining Readiness

Wednesday, April 13th, 2016

pottytrainingIs your kid ready to potty train (or potty learn)? Are you?

Potty training readiness comes at different times for each kid and parent; this is definitely not a one-size-fits-all type deal. I was really hoping to have my oldest son potty trained by the time my youngest son was born (don’t laugh, but I was terrified at the thought of two in diapers), but while I was motivated to put in the work, he just didn’t seem quite ready yet. Likewise, if you know you don’t have the energy or time at the moment to potty train your child but she seems ready, it’s probably also not a great time to start. Sometimes, the thought of your child growing up (or maybe growing out of their adorable cloth diaper and/or wool stash) is hard to come to terms with.

So how do you know your child is ready to ditch their diapers? Is your daughter showing an interest in other family members using the toilet? If you don’t have an open bathroom door policy in your home, this may be a good time to temporarily change that so your child sees their family members using the toilet.

Additionally, does she recognize when she is peeing or pooping? Does she go sometimes for two hour or longer stretches with a dry diaper? Also, can your child pull her own pants up and down?

If you’re finding you’re ticking off mostly ‘yes’ to the above questions, your child is probably ready to learn to use the potty.

“What if my child is never ready?” For some children, this is a legitimate concern. For instance, both my oldest son and my nephew are very stubborn little boys and both are a little gunshy over new things. I always joked that my son would go to college in diapers if we let him.

In this case, you can evaluate the other checklist items (for instance, if your child is not interested in the toilet and also has fine motor skill delays that make pulling their own pants up and down difficult, it may be better to work on dressing themselves first before tackling the potty) and see where you’re at.

If you think your child could learn to use the potty but has just mentally blocked it (ahem, eldest child of mine), you may want to research different potty training methods to find one that will be the best case. In my experience, the full-on potty party bootcamp is what did the ticket (fairly painlessly, too)  with my stubborn boy.

Keep in mind that no child is the same on this, and even siblings may show readiness at very different ages. Try not to let the potty become a stressor in your house. Keep in mind that children that train earlier often have more relapses or accidents and that it can sometimes lead to issues later on like chronic constipation. Waiting until the time is right for your family can make a big difference in your successfulness.

Meaghan Howard is currently a stay-at-home mom and enjoying living overseas with her husband and two young children. She enjoys traveling, running, and the most excellent sport of all time, dragon boat.

5 Signs Your Toddler Might Be Ready For Potty Learning

Friday, May 10th, 2013

As cute as fluffy bums can be, the thought of your child being done with diapers is usually pretty alluring. Although as most experienced mamas will tell you, potty learning goes much smoother if your child is ready for the process. So rather than relying on a magical age to begin potty training, look for signs of readiness in your child (as opposed for parent/caregiver readiness 😉 )

What exactly are signs of child readiness when it comes to potty learning? Here are 5 main signs:

1. Diaper stays dry for long(er) periods of time – And when they do urinate, it is a lot at once.  This demonstrates your child’s bladder muscles are developed enough to hold urine. I knew my oldest son was ready to be done with diapers when he consistently woke up with a dry diaper each morning.

2. Can follow simple directions – If your child is able to follow simple directions such as “get your shoes” or “put the book away”, he/she demonstrates the necessary cognitive and language skills to begin potty learning.

3. Indicates awareness of wet/dirty diapers – Often kids enter a stage where being in a wet/dirty diaper starts to bother them. They may indicate this by taking their diaper off or requesting a diaper change when their diaper is soiled. Generally this is a good time to start introducing them to the potty. For example when you change them you can sit them on the toilet for a minute or two.

4. Shows interest in other’s use of the bathroom– Children are naturally curious and like to mimic others. When a child starts to show interest in your use of the bathroom or an older sibling’s use of the bathroom, it can be a great time to talk with them about the potty and/or read one of the many available children’s books about using the potty (Once Upon A Potty is a cute one).

5. Starts to show interest in dressing and/or undressing – An awareness and ability to dress/undress is a good indication your child has the desire for more independence in self care routines, including potty learning.

General tips for potty learning:

  • If you start potty learning and get to a place of frustration (either you or your child), don’t hesitate to put the process on hold and try again in a month or so.
  • Try to introduce potty learning when your child is going through a (generally) cooperative phase
  • Try to avoid introducing potty learning during periods of time when they are undergoing big developmental changes in other areas.
  • Do not use any type of punishment or consequences for “accidents”.  Keep in mind there is a learning curve to the process which is likely to result in accidents along the way. Treat accidents as no big deal, gently remind your child they can tell you when they have to go potty, and move on. If potty learning becomes a stressful process for the child, it is likely to be prolonged.
  • Make it as fun and positive as possible. Show enthusiasm when they use the potty. For example we sign a silly potty song when our child uses the potty during potty learning.

If you are looking for some eco-friendly products to assist with potty learning check out Mom’s Milk Boutique for cloth trainers and a biodegradable potty chair.

Happy Potty Learning All!