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Best Outside Toys for Baby

Wednesday, July 30th, 2014

Best Outside Toys for BabyWith summer in full swing, it’s time to get outside! My little girl loves to be outside and practically begs to put her shoes on after nap time. Little ones enjoy the fresh air, and it’s a great way to go on new adventures with your baby or toddler. Here are my five favorite outside toys that will excite and engage your little one.

5. Push Toys and Shopping Carts

Any toy that baby can push along the sidewalk or your driveway is a must. My daughter has a Target red shopping cart. We take her Teddy and babies for walks quite frequently. These toys are also great for babies just mastering walking. Have a little one who adores Daddy? Play toys like little lawnmowers and bubble poppers are tons of fun.

4. Balls, Non-Toxic Chalk, and Bubbles

These are the easiest toys. Consider buying some of these cheap amusements and keeping them in a storage container. Then, when you head out to play, just bring the container. Any large ball that baby can throw or roll is easy fun. Bubbles seem to be a hit for all little kids. Purchase individual bubbles or even a bubble machine, if your income allows. Sidewalk chalk is something we have yet to try, but I know lots of little ones who enjoy it. Non-toxic chalk is safe for baby, smells great, and even is edible. (Just in case your little one is teething.)

3. Cozy Coupes

These fun cars are a classic outside toy.  The best thing about them is they are timeless and easy to personalize. I purchased one for my daughter used and not in the best condition. My husband and I have taken on the project of making her a Minnie Mouse cozy coupe.  Her car is now pink and black, complete with polka dots and personalized license plates. These are a fun toy for little ones to play with alone or you can push them along, too.

2. Sand boxes

Many sand boxes come with lids to keep the sand safe from the weather. Consider investing in a bucket and shovel and let your little one explore the sand. They will love the texture and excitement of digging and burying small toys.

1. Water tables

While we don’t have one of these, yet, I know they are a huge hit for many young toddlers and older babies. Water tables provide endless fun with different water activities and are easy for several children to play with at once.

So, mommas, what are your favorite outside toys? It doesn’t matter what you play with, just get outside and enjoy your summer!

Karyn Meyerhoff is a mom of one and one on the way. She would rather be outside than inside any day!