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Fan Photo Friday: Silly Siblings

Friday, August 31st, 2012

Inspired by this photo, I thought it would be fun to share Silly Sibling photos for this week’s Fan Photo Friday! 🙂 By the way this picture is not of my boys, but honestly I can picture walking into such a scene in my own home. YIKES! There was a colorful discussion on the Mom’s Milk Boutique Facebook page about this photo and the various reactions. I keep thinking about what my own reaction would be? Although it’s hard to know for sure, I think the initial anger would eventually soften; especially after sharing the photo with friends and families who would surely cry from laughing so hard. And yes, I would definitely take a picture! I also kept thinking about what the circumstances might be that would allow young children access to paint and I can think of a dozen different innocent scenarios. For example perhaps in this scenario the adjoining room was being painted. Dad walked out to go to the bathroom not realizing Mom was tied up changing baby’s diaper and lo and behold a whole 2 minutes later they walk into that mess! I know hubby and I have gotten much better throughout the years communicating who is on kid duty. As for the children’s behavior, I can appreciate the impulsivity of young children and their ability to get completely immersed in the moment without thinking one iota about the consequences. I can almost picture the sheer joy these boys experienced in the minute or two spent finger painting their living room. My guess, given their estimated age, they were acting completely on a spontaneous impulse and don’t yet quite grasp the rule “don’t paint the couch”. 🙂 Or maybe it’s just a staged photo? Or maybe mom and dad were re-doing the living room anyway and let the kids have at it with an open can of paint? Who knows what the real story is? Whatever it may be 1. it made me laugh and 2. I am thankful I haven’t experienced a mess of that proportions! At any rate here are the Silly Sibling photos sent in by Mom’s Milk Boutique fans just like you:

Here are Emily’s cutie patooties “playing together”…not sure Big Sister is happy that Little Sister thinks her long locks are a toy? Although according to the grin on Little Sister’s face, I think she’s enjoying herself quite a bit!











Here are Melissa’s silly girls ages 4.5 and 2 showing off the tutus she made them tutus for Christmas. Apparently they enjoyed finding “alternate ways” to wear them!

Here are Kara’s sweet boys ages 3.5 and 2 sharing a laugh together! Can’t help but smile at their joyful expressions!

Here are my own boys shortly after Izzy was born. I was trying to get a good picture of all three boys to send to family members however Abraham (2 years old at the time) was clearly more interested in picking his boogies than posing for the camera.


Here is a favorite photo of my own siblings and I, circa 1986

Fast forward about 24 years later here we are all together again. And as embarrassing as this photo is (yes, that is me sticking out my backside at the camera) it totally depicts how much fun the 4 of us have when we are all together!

Thanks to the mamas who sent in photos this week! Today’s Fan Photo Friday winner is Melissa! Congrats Melissa and be on the lookout for 25 Milk Miles in your account!

Now ready for next week? How about we share some Babywearing Wrap photos? Love me some babywearing…especially in wraps!! Send your Babywearing Wrap photos to sarah@momsmilkboutique by midnight CST Thursday September, 6 and then check back on Friday, September 7 to see who wins 25 Milk Miles!