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Best Places to Nurse in Seattle

Monday, June 1st, 2015

Great Places to Nurse in SeattleWashington State is breastfeeding friendly. So, really, all of Washington is a great place to nurse!

We specifically have laws on the books that state that breastfeeding is not indecent exposure and that women have the right to nurse anywhere, public or private, without fear of discrimination or harassment (as it should be). But, should you and your nursling find yourselves in our great city of Seattle, there are a few places certainly worth taking a nursing break in.

  1. Pike Place Market – A fantastic location full of sights, sounds, and aromas. No visit to Seattle is complete without a stop at Pike Place. Aisles of fresh flowers all summer, music from street performers, fragrances of herbs, spices, coffee and food (oh, and fish!); Pike’s is a feast for the senses. Throughout the market you’ll find many places to settle, but my recommendation is the bench just outside of Market Spice. Located just to the side of the main entrance and the main fish monger, sit and watch the show of the famous fish toss while enjoying the mill of people around you and the intense aroma from the spice shop.
  2. Seattle Great Wheel – Feeling adventurous? Check out the most recent addition to the Seattle waterfront, our great Ferris wheel! Each trip consists of three full revolutions of the wheel and the cars are smooth and steady. Take a nursing break while being treated to one of the best views of the city and waterfront.
  3. Seattle Art Museum – Prefer a more quiet, peaceful place for nursing? Consider the SAM. With always changing exhibits, I’m sure you’ll find something that suits your taste. Sometimes we feel compelled to see it all when we visit a museum and take precious little time to actually enjoy and contemplate what we’re seeing. Let nursing be your reason to slow down and appreciate the amazing art in front of you.
  4. Ray’s Boathouse – Need a bite to eat while your little one grabs a bite as well? Check out Ray’s Boathouse, a much loved Seattle landmark, for some of the best seafood in town. Fantastic food coupled with an amazing view of the sound? Yes please! Ray’s is incredibly family friendly and supportive, but if you’re looking for a bit of privacy, ask for one of the raised booths along the back wall.Best Places to Nurse in Seattle
  5. Seattle City Center – The City Center is actually a large collection of shops, gardens, event centers and other attractions, located in the immediate vicinity of the Space Needle. You’re sure to find any number of nice places to nurse, including one of the many peaceful gardens, but a personal favorite of mine is the International Fountain. Originally built for the 1962 World’s Fair, the fountain was rebuilt in 1995 with visitors and children in mind. Now, it’s an extremely popular summer destination for families and a great place to stop for a bit. Parents camp out on the gentle slopes of the outer walls while watching children splash and play in the water of the fountain. You may even catch a show where the water is timed to music!

If you’re a nursing momma who will be visiting our beautiful city sometime soon, I hope these tips help you see the best our city has to offer while finding some comfortable places to nurse as well!

Kate Cunha has lived in the Pacific NW for more than 10 years now, yet never tires of visits to Pike Place Market. Now, her daughter tags along!