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EcoPosh Update

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2017

img_5260Kanga Care, makers of Rumparooz, Lil Joey, and Ecoposh, revamped a few products this year and introduced an entirely new one, too. Our family has always been a fan of the Kanga Care line. We have a wool cover, large pile of pockets, wetbags, and recently upgraded our fitteds to their newest model. If you haven’t shopped in a little while for cloth diaper and trainer products, this post is for you.

The organic bamboo velour (OBV) is one of the major updates in their classic design. The EcoPosh line, known for its use of recycled water bottles in addition to organic cotton and bamboo, really got the OBV upgrade. The fitted diapers still utilize the double gusset and 6r soaker technology. They still have the four-step rise to last from teeny tiny to 40 pounds. Now they come with the luxuriously soft OBV interior. The colors are updated from the previous earthy tones to deep, vibrant jewel tones including boysenberry, Atlantis, saffron, Caribbean, and an icy grey glacier. Kanga Care updated both the one-size and newborn Ecoposh fitteds.

EcoPoshRumparooz, also Kanga Care, got in on the OBV magic too. I think they took the best of Ecoposh and RaR and put them together into the one-size Rumparooz OBV. It offers all the trademark glory of a Rumparooz one-size diaper (the gussets, four-step rise, 6r soakers, and waterproof TPU) to the freshness of the OBV material. Currently the Rumparooz OBV comes in the five Ecoposh colors, not the entire line of Rumparooz prints and colors.

As for trainers, the Ecoposh trainer continues to have its hidden layer of TPU and the waterproof protection it provides. Each trainer is also made with nearly six water bottles among its materials. The major updates again include the OBV material, far silkier to babe’s skin, and the updated colors.

Rumparooz also now has a line of Lil Learnerz trainers with many of the brand’s beloved prints (and a few more to boot)! They offer patented IMWET technology to help children learn the feeling of wetness while remain waterproof on the exterior. The trainer comes in five sizes up to 44 pounds, and the two smallest sizes offer side snaps for easy, stylish clean up.

Pick yours up today!

Lynette is a mom of three children from 8 months to age four. She has cloth diapered all three since birth and enjoys all things eco-friendly and mindful living.

Fan Photo Friday: Favorite Fluff!

Thursday, June 28th, 2012

Let’s start with a picture of one of my favorite little 9-month-olds in his one size Rumparooz (which he’s had since he was a newborn). This is not my son, but he is someone who is near and dear to my heart so I am happy to show off his fluffy bum to you all! 🙂 In this picture he’s doing his new favorite thing…crawling and keeping his mama busy chasing after him.







This next picture cracked me up when I opened it up. This is 18 month old Carissa. While her mom was busy cleaning lipstick off the couch, she thought she would help dunk the diapers! Love the innocent look on her sweet face!

This is Bri’s 6 month old daughter “PeeWee”. Bri didn’t have a lot of fluffy bum pictures to choose from because according to Mom, PeeWee is an all (fully clothed) or nothing (naked) kinda girl. However in this picture she’s showing off her a WAHM diaper in an adorable monkey print.

This is Mary’s 8 month old daughter in an AppleCheeks size 2, Purple Rain lined with an OsoCozy better fit pad folded. Seriously could she be ANY cuter!!  Her squishy cheeks and little hair bow put a smile on my face! Also can’t help but notice the beautiful dress that her mama knitted for her (actually I’m kind of drooling over it…I want to be able to knit little girlie clothing although I need a daughter and better knitting skills first, lol:) ).

And last but not least here’s my little dude at 9 months old in two of my very favorite diapers. They are custom-made WAHM pocket diapers.

I loved all the pictures. A big thank you to everyone who participated. This week’s winner is Mary…Yeah Mary!! 25 Milk Miles will be deposited into your account shortly. 🙂

Okay ready for next week’s Fan Photo Friday? I know we have lots of mamas who use Baltic Amber for their child(ren) so let’s see some photos of Mom’s Milk Boutique Fans showing off their Baltic Amber! Email your Baltic Amber photo to by Thursday, July 5. Be sure to include any information you want shared such as age of child and the benefits of Baltic Amber that you have observed. Then check back on Friday, July 6 to see some happy kidlets showing off their Amber Jewelry! Winner gets 25 Milk Miles deposited into their account!!