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Product Review: BabyLegs

Thursday, September 13th, 2012

Raise your hand if you LOVE BabyLegs!! I know I do…and Fall is the perfect season for your little one to wear BabyLegs! As the weather is slowly getting cooler, BabyLegs are a great option worn under shorts or a skirt. They will keep your baby’s legs warm during the chilly parts of the day, but can quickly be removed if temperatures heat up mid-day.

We actually used our collection of BabyLegs a ton this summer while staying in the Colorado mountains. The mornings and nights were quite chilly for us desert dwellers, so our BabyLegs made the perfect accessory. The weather patterns in high elevations can be rather unpredictable so I would often dress my toddler in the mornings with a pair of BabyLegs under his shorts. He would start and end most days in a pair. However mid-day when it was typically warmer outside, it was super easy to strip his BabyLegs right off….especially if he fell asleep in the BobaAir while hiking. No way could I wrestle a pair of pants off him like that in a carrier!

In addition to being highly functional, sporting a pair of BabyLegs is pretty darn cute if you ask me. 🙂 BabyLegs come in a variety of awesome colors and patterns so you are sure to find some that match your style. I really like some of the girlie-girlie ones…now I just need a baby girl to put them on! 😉

BabyLegs are also great when paired with cloth diapering, elimination communication, and/or potty learning. There is nothing to remove or pull down in order to access baby’s diaper or when rushing a toddler to the potty. If you have a crawling baby, BabyLegs are awesome to protect baby’s knees on rough surfaces. Also with Halloween around the corner, you could get creative and incorporate a pair of BabyLegs into your child’s costume. So many fun uses and adorable designs! I LOVE our BabyLegs!!!

Do you use BabyLegs with your baby? What pattern is your favorite? 🙂