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Washing Cloth Diapers

Thursday, July 24th, 2014

Washing Cloth DIapers

When I decided to cloth diaper one of the most intimidating parts was the wash process. What soap to use? How many times should I rinse? Should I line dry or use my dryer? Thankfully, it is not as hard as I once thought. Below are a few wash routines submitted by our bloggers:

Erin uses All Free and Clear detergent in her old, not HE, washing machine. She sets her machine to “soak” at the beginning of the day and fills with hot water.  As she gets dirty diapers she tosses them in and does a load at the end of the day. One great thing about All Free and Clear is that it is easy to get at the grocery store and you do not need to order online.

Karyn is a believer in Charlie’s Soap in her old washing machine.

I use Rockin’ Green in a top-load HE machine, though I started out with an old washing machine. I always do a pre-rinse and then a warm/cold wash followed by an extra rinse or two. I dry the inserts from my pocket diapers as well as my wet bag in the dryer and my diapers dry on a drying rack outside if the weather is nice. If the weather does not cooperate then they dry on the rack in my laundry room. If I need a dry diaper fast then I will occasionally throw a diaper in the dryer on low or medium heat. I then enjoy stuffing and folding my diapers while watching the news in the afternoon.

There are many different detergents, many different washing machines and all different types of water;

Know how much detergent to use (don’t use too much)
therefore there are many ways to wash cloth diapers.  Here are a few pointers:

  • Do not use laundry additives
  • Wash frequently (every two to three days max)
  • Line dry when possible- this makes the diapers last longer and the sun can remove stains
  • Have wash routine written down so others can help

What is your wash routine? Do you have any tips or pointers?

Kristen Beggs is a mom of two who hates doing laundry unless it is diaper laundry…diapers do not wrinkle!