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Pregnancy Week 27: Picking the Baby Name

Monday, May 26th, 2014

Pregnancy Week 27:  What’s In a Name?As my pregnancy progresses, I have started to really spend time thinking about baby boy’s name. This is not an easy task–I tend to overanalyze things, but I want to pick the perfect baby name. How do you pick a name for your child that will be perfect and last a lifetime?

Types of Names

If you look online, you can find all kinds of categories of baby names.  Just doing a Google search I discovered “shopaholic” baby girl names like River or Victoria. You can also find the perfect baby name endorsed by the Pope, such as Peter or Marcus.

Many moms-to-be go with a family name for their unborn child. I have a good friend who just had Elizabeth Suzanne two weeks ago. The name puts her mother and grandmother’s names together. But what if your family just doesn’t have any cute names? No one wants to name their child something super old fashioned or easy to tease. Try using just part of a family member’s name. My cousin is having a girl, Willa June. June is our grandmother’s middle name.

Many parents name their children after their favorite music artist, movie character, or even a presidential figure. Names like Ringo, Bella, and even Abraham are making a comeback, believe it or not. There are even people you can pay to help you choose your baby name.

I personally try to stick with names that have a strong meaning behind them, Bible names, or family names. But to those are more creative, more power to you!

When to Reveal Your Name

Some moms-to-be have their names picked out before they’re even pregnant. Others, like myself, choose to wait and announce the name after the baby is born. Remember, people are going to have strong opinions about what you choose, but ultimately, it is your child.

Many women prefer to tell their baby’s name, so that they can go for the cute, personalized diaper bag or blankets. Or, you can announce baby’s name at a sex reveal or your baby shower. You can also have a baby naming party. Invite close friends and family over. Have a few names you like and let them vote and participate in fun activities with the names.

Tips for Choosing a Name

  • Be selective on who you tell once you decide. Make sure this person knows if you want them to spill the beans.
  • Say it aloud…often.
  • Write it down.
  • Think of how the name could be altered negatively—what does it rhyme with? What do the initials spell?
  • Choose the best name for your family that makes you smile!

I know my husband and I will eventually decide on baby boy’s name. And like last time, we won’t be sharing our decision until the day we meet our son. How did you choose your baby names?

Karyn Meyerhoff is a mom of one and one on the way. She loves names that have meaning, but it is so hard to pick one this time around!