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Product Review: Bottombumpers All In One Side Snap Cloth Diaper

Friday, April 26th, 2013

I recently added my first Bottombumpers Diaper to my stash. The only reason I decided to get a Bottombumpers All In One Side Snap Cloth Diaper was because I could custom order one with the Great Cloth Diaper Change logo on it. I thought it would be fun for my son to wear it to the event. Otherwise, I will admit Bottombumpers had not really peaked my interest up until then. I am not exactly sure why though? Perhaps because the whole side snap design threw me? Or maybe because I really don’t know anyone who has Bottombumpers in their stash. Bottombumpers seem to be one of the lesser known cloth diaper brands so there is not as much exposure to them. At any rate I put my custom order in and awaited its arrival in the mail.


I LOVE how fast Mom’s Milk Boutique ships their orders, however for this particular diaper I had to wait much longer than usual (per the manufacturer since the Bottombumpers with the Great Cloth Diaper Change logo was a custom order). When it finally arrived I was super excited! Of course I first noted how adorable it was. The embroidered logo looked great! But I also noted how small the diaper looked; in particular the crotch seemed rather narrow. I worried that it wouldn’t fit my son. I put it on him right away (without prepping it at all) to check the fit and thankfully it seem to fit okay. Well then I got a little distracted (as moms of young children often do) and forgot to take it off him. Sure enough within 10 minutes he peed in it. And it leaked everywhere. I was again concerned that maybe the fit was off, but then decided it was best to prep the diaper before making any final conclusions about it.

Okay, so let’s talk about the side snap design. I honestly didn’t think I would care for it. For some reason I assumed it would be more difficult to diaper baby than a front snap design. But it wasn’t…at all. In fact just the opposite. It was actually a breeze to get on my son. Plus the side snaps eliminate the bulk sometimes found in front snap diapers. Also there are 5 snap options on each side to adjust the waist allowing you to get the best fit possible.

You have the option with Bottombumpers to select from One Size or Sized Side Snap Cloth Diapers. I already have several one-size diapers in my stash so I opted for a sized diaper in medium.

One very cool feature of this all in one diaper is that the soaker (ie – the absorbent middle layer) is attached with snaps so you can remove it for washing and drying. This addresses one of the main issues many people have with all in ones; that they can take forever to dry. The soaker folds in half offering 4 layers of protection. It is made from Organic Cotton and topped with Bamboo Velour

This diaper did seem to require a little extra prepping (which is commonly the case with organic cotton) as it also leaked the second time I used it, even after two prep washes. However after a third prep wash, we have had no further issues with leaks! Whew, 3rd time really is a charm. 🙂

Now aside from all the functional features of Bottombumpers such as fit, design, absorbency, and materials we have to discuss the cuteness factor of the special prints. Bottombumpers offers special prints at various times during the year. For example the 2012 Holiday Prints were simply adorable!! Although even the everyday prints and colors are super cute. Plus they have some fun names such as Shamrock and Espresso.

Honestly I love this diaper…especially how trim fitting it is. Ironically the side snap design that kept me at bay for so long turns out to be a feature I actually really like! Particularly because it completely eliminates any bulk in the front.

Do you have any Bottombumpers in your stash? What are your thoughts on them?