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2012 Costume Parade!

Thursday, November 1st, 2012

I really LOVED getting all these fun pics in my email inbox the past 24 hours! So many adorable kidlets in some super cute costumes! My boys enjoy dressing up year-round, but they especially dig it this time of year when there are costumes everywhere. We shop second-hand for almost everything, and costumes are no excpetion. All in all I spent $25 on our 5 costumes this year; 3 ninjas and 2 hippies. Here’s the only picture we managed to get of the five of us…our photographer was having, ahem, “techinical difficulties” with his fancy phone (sorry dad if you are reading this!).

Here are Andrea’s Chuggers from ChGavin (2) and Jon (4).

Here’s Melanie’s Pea in a Pod and hubby as Mario

Here are Sarah’s boys as Batman and Robin!

Here is the Sheppard family as Super Mario Brothers. Baby Luigi (Kit), Mario, Princess Daisy, and Princess Peach (Ginny)

Here’s Bekah’s daughter Paige the Zebra 18 Months Old!

Here are Jolene’s kids: Elizabeth (10months) as an ice cream cone. Her costume was designed to be used with their babycarrier (so clever!!). Nicholas (3yrs) he is a yummy delicious cheeseburger and big brother (10) is a mummy.

Here is Angie’s daughter Dorothy with furbabies as the Lion, the Tin Man, and the Scarecrow!

Here is Joy and her kids: Sage (7) a spider witch, Thomas (5) as Super Mario, and Abigail (20months) as a lady bug.

Here is Brena’s adorable baby panda bear!

Here is Brandi’s baby bird enjoying some mama’s milk!

Here is Annie’s family sporting a farm theme.

Here are Destiny’s twins as a Ghostbuster and Stay Puff Marshmallow Man!

Here is Monica’s litte Yoda!

Here are Jill’s kiddos; a safari tour guide and a zebra!

Here is Emily’s Pink Poodle!

And last but not least here is Karen’s little hot dog!

And the winner of the 2012 Breastfeed.Babywear.ClothDiaper 2012 Costume Contest is ….  Destiny’s twins in their Ghostbuster and Stay Puff Marshmallow Man costumes! Congrats Destiny both on the win and your beautiful babies!! An email with your prize will be sent soon! 🙂

Thanks a bunch everyone for participating in our costume parade…hope you had as much fun as I did looking at all the cute kids and cool costumes. 🙂