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Geffen Baby Prefolds Review

Thursday, October 20th, 2016

img_0113Geffen Baby is a Los Angeles-based company that is passionate about their work for babies and the environment. Their products range from cloth diapers to nursing pads. Most of their products–95 percent–are made here in the U.S.A. Their website is super informative and also a great place to shop. (This is dangerous when you’re pregnant and still working on the baby’s cloth diaper stash!) I got the opportunity to try out one of their prefold diapers and tell you what I think. Here’s what I discovered.


This is by far the softest prefold diaper I have ever touched. When it arrived at my house, it was packaged neatly and beautifully. I was sent a extra-large jersey prefold with navy blue trim. The color of trim is different by size. The age suggestion is 18 months to potty trained. My son, Levi, is 25 months old, so this was perfect. The prefold is made of 60 percent hemp and 40 percent organic cotton. I seriously could touch this thing all day! I can imagine it has to feel amazing to my little guy’s bottom. The prefolds cost $10.30 a piece, which is a reasonable price for the quality.


Levi is a squirmy, opinionated 2-year-old, so getting this prefold on was not the easiest process. It’s probably a good thing I didn’t video tape the drama, but we did get it on his little bottom. There was plenty of extra fabric. I folded the prefold down in the back and did a newspaper fold with a snappi. I then used a econobum diaper cover. The fit worked well for Levi and it was absorbent for his diapering needs. I can’t say I would use this prefold all of the time, just because he is getting to be past the cloth diapering stage for us. With baby number 3 arriving in a few weeks, I am working on getting him used to the potty. However, I will definitely keep it and use it for the baby.

Overall Opinion

I am not an expert on cloth diapers, but I would definitely give Geffen Baby prefolds two thumbs up. Compared to other prefolds I have used, this prefold is much more absorbent and better quality. I think they are affordable, and the stitching is done well on them. I am definitely going to look into the newborn quick absorbers for my newest squish. They come in a 3 pack and are only $11.07!

So momma, if you are into cloth diapering and like prefolds, I definitely recommend trying Geffen Baby. I’m just warning you, these things are so soft!

Karyn Meyerhoff is a mom of two, almost three, in Northeast Arkansas where she shops for baby products online way too much. 

Slimline Cloth Diaper Options

Friday, September 2nd, 2016

slimline cloth diapersWhile many of us appreciate the cuteness of a fluffy bum, sometimes the fluff is not so cute. For instance, when shopping for your toddler’s jeans, a fluffy bum literally gets in the way of things. You may find a brand of clothes that cater to a larger rump or perhaps you size your child’s clothes up sometimes, perhaps avoiding the more confining materials in favor of stretch. Another option is to evaluate how you can streamline the actual diaper.

Any diaper can become trimmer by replacing microfiber with natural fibers. Hemp and bamboo especially trim down the size of any insert by offering the same or more absorption in less material compared to microfiber. Natural fibers are why some diapers, from the get-go, appear trimmer. GroVia, Smart Bottoms, Bottom Bumpers, Simplex, Thirsties, and bumGenius (Elemental) all include hemp or bamboo in their diaper styles. While this is an investment, as most pocket diapers come with microfiber inserts, you can minimize this cost by getting just a few trim inserts to use when needed.

Sized systems also offer more trim options as they remove some of the extra PUL/TPU exterior material and using sized inserts, offering a more custom fit. Bummis offers a variety of sizes. Two-step systems are more common, with size one fitting as little as six or seven to eighteen pounds and size two fitting fifteen to as much as forty pounds, with some variance in size range depending on each brand.

Even among one-size systems some have a slimmer cut. Best Bottoms and GroVia cut trim. SoftBums offer elastic modification of their diapers, allowing you to tighten the elastic for very small babies. The end result may be trimmer as their one-size diaper distributes the extra material across the entire diaper area instead of bunching it in the front beneath the rise-snap system of many one-size diapers.

If you can’t change the brand or type of diaper you have, you aren’t stuck with a too-fluffy bum. By changing the diaper more often you can remove some of the, then unnecessary, absorption. Depending on your particular baby’s age, sleep schedule, and potty habits you may currently change a diaper every one to four hours (or after part or all of the night). If you are waiting until baby urinates more than once you could change after each void, requiring less absorption (and possibly providing more comfort for babe).

Also consider your inserts. Pre-folds are notoriously bulky but by using sized pre-folds instead of one-size you can get a trimmer fit (though this costs more as you’d need more than one set of diapers to get from birth to potty training). Other inserts are cut in a contoured fashion, trimmer between the legs. Length of insert can also contribute to bulk. A large insert on a tiny baby will need to fold down somewhere, adding bulk.

Ultimately babies can rock the fluff, but if you want to invest your time or money into a trimmer bum there are numerous ways to do so. That said, a fluffy bum will likely never be as trim as a sposie bum. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Lynette is a mom of three children from 4 months to age four. She has cloth diapered all three since birth and enjoys all things eco-friendly and mindful living.

When Your Toddler has Outgrown Cloth Diapers but isn’t Ready to Pottytrain

Tuesday, June 21st, 2016

potty training cloth diapersI have two boys. Both of them were very large from birth, both were cloth diapered, but one of them was ready to toilet train fairly early, and the other’s arm had to be twisted to start using the toilet at a later date.

My reluctant potty user had grown out of most of his cloth diapers before he could use the toilet. I wasn’t very keen on purchasing disposables, so I had to do some research. I didn’t want to have to buy a bunch of stuff just for him to toilet train, either. Here were the options I found:

  1. Suck it up and buy disposables. If your kiddo is older or quite large for her age, you may have a hard time even here. Diapers meant for overnight use often have a larger size range, but they also tend to be pretty expensive.
  2. Purchase cloth trainers. Trainers can come in larger sizes and some systems have side extenders, but they aren’t typically designed to hold much volume. If your child is not ready to use the toilet, these won’t be the best option.
  3. Buy sized cloth diapers. My son’s overnight fitted diapers fit until the end because they were sized. Many covers also come in sizes (vs. one size covers), both in PUL and in wool. If you’ve been using cloth for any amount of time, you are probably aware of which brands tend to run smaller or larger by now as well.

What did I end up doing? Well, besides the overnight fitted diapers I mentioned before, we ended up going back to our old premium sized prefolds (these come in toddlers sizes now as well I hear) or sized terry flats underneath either PUL or wool covers. The only thing I needed to buy was the larger PUL covers, so it was a fairly inexpensive outlay. If it’s been a while since your kid has used prefolds, you may be a bit surprised at how much more they are peeing, even during the day. If the prefolds aren’t quite enough anymore, you can add an insert inside the fold (you can use a flat, a specially designed insert, and even the inserts to pocket diapers). If your kid is super sensitive-to-wetness, you can cut up fleece or purchase stay dry liners to put on top up against his skin.

Meaghan Howard is a stay-at-home mom to two little boys who have both been using the potty for some time now. These days, the toileting issues seem to deal more with aim than anything else.

The Fourth Trimester: Cloth Diapering from Day One

Wednesday, October 29th, 2014
The Fourth Trimester: Cloth Diapering from Day One

10 lb, 4-day-old baby boy in Lil Joey Newborn All-in-One Cloth Diapers in pumpkin

I’ve had my eye on Lil Joey Newborn All-in-One Cloth Diapers for a long time now. So when I got pregnant with my fourth child, I was super excited to order a two-pack for my own little wee one. We didn’t know baby’s gender so I went with gender-neutral colors crimson and pumpkin.  Now for those of you who have ordered cloth diapers before know the excitement of getting fluffy mail! The day my diapers arrived was a happy day. They looked so itty bitty to me; super soft and fluffy! They were completely perfect for a newborn. I was really looking forward to cloth diapering my new baby from his very first diaper.

Sometimes even pro cloth diaper people will be discouraging about cloth diapering a newborn from day one. Some of the reasons range from the issue of meconium, to how quickly babies outgrow their newborn stash, to how much work newborns are. I would like to offer some simple and inexpensive solutions to these obstacles.

Meconium – Meconium is a baby’s first stool. It is dark green, almost black in color and is very thick and sticky. Some people prefer to use disposables until all the meconium is passed, typically within the first days. The thought is that meconium might be hard to clean or will possibly stain cloth diapers. Personally I have had no issues with washing meconium from cloth diapers, nor has it ever stained my diapers. However if you were really concerned about diapers being difficult to clean or staining, there are some easy fixes. One option would be to use disposable diaper liners.  These also come in super handy when baby starts eating solid foods.  Another option would be to make your own inexpensive cloth liners. I bought some clearance fleece and cut it into strips to place inside our cloth diapers– Inexpensive diaper liners that you can wash! Although you won’t feel bad about tossing one if for some reason you cannot salvage it.

Investing in a newborn stash – We all know how quickly newborns grow. How often do we hear a new mom say, “He/She never even got to wear most of his/her newborn clothes more than once!” For this reason some people are hesitant to invest in a newborn cloth diaper stash. However there are several ways to build an affordable newborn stash. My very favorite cloth diapers for newborns are prefolds.  Prefolds are generally the most economic cloth diaper choice and are truly multi-functional as they can also be used as an insert for pocket diapers.  Prefolds with one-size covers are a wonderfully affordable cloth diaper option for newborns. I will be honest: It is nice to throw in a few newborn all-in-ones (such as Lil Joey Newborn All-in-One Cloth Diapers) into your stash for outings or special events but it is not at all necessary. You can easily get away with a newborn stash consisting of all prefolds.   Another option is to use one-size cloth diapers that grow with baby or pre-loved diapers.

Keeping up with washing diapers – Are cloth diapers more work than disposables? Yes. Are they a ton of more work than disposables? Not really. For me it amounts to a couple extra loads of laundry a week. An ample cloth diaper stash should allow you to go at least 2 days between washings. You will likely burn out quickly if you have to wash your diapers daily. I generally go about 3 days between washes. I find the economic and ecological benefits of cloth to be well worth 2 to 3 extra loads of laundry per week.

Overnight OptionsOften it takes a little experimenting to find a good overnight cloth diaper solution, especially for newborns due to the frequency of dirty diapers.  This is where I think woolies are awesome! Wool is hands down the best night time diaper cover I have used. Finding a night time cloth diaper for your newborn doesn’t mean you will get through the whole night without a diaper change, but might help you get through longer stretches of time if you find something extra absorbent.

Keep in mind that cloth diapering doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing commitment. Some families find a balance of cloth and disposables for them. For example some might use disposables overnight and/or for outings and then cloth diaper the rest of the time. Some families might opt to use disposables when someone else is caring for their baby and then cloth diaper the rest of the time. Like most things in life, finding a rhythm that works for your family is the most important factor. Our cloth diapering habits have evolved and changed over time as our family grows and we adapt to the season of life we are experiencing.

Sarah Johnson is a crunchy mama to four boys. Her family feels blessed to currently live abroad in the Netherlands and enjoy exploring all it has to offer. 


Friday Family Spotlight: Meet Emily’s Family

Friday, December 21st, 2012

I have a feeling you are really going to enjoy meeting Emily and her family. They have some super fun and exciting adventures ahead….read on to learn more about what’s in store for them over the next few years!

Who are the members of your family?

My family includes Chris (31), Emily (28), Henrik (2), Petra (4 months).. (and Romeo, our 8 year old pomeranian)

How did you meet your significant other?
My husband and I started dating 2 weeks before I left for a summer study program in Aix-en-Provence, France. He was leaving around the same time to do his first Half Ironman in Austria. We were so smitten with each other, we decided to make our love work. I met him in Zagreb, Croatia, just after his Ironman, and we spent 4 amazing days visiting the coast of Slovenia, and Venice as well. He flew to Paris to meet me (6 weeks into our relationship) and proposed to me on the top of the Eiffel Tower! Later that summer, he made the trip over the ocean once more to meet me in Holland, where my sister lives. We started dating in May, and were married the following August!

What is your favorite Mom’s Milk Boutique Product?
That’s a tough question, because I love everything at Mom’s Milk Boutique. However, CJ’s BUTTer is one product I plan on using throughout their cloth diapering years. If I happen to see a little redness, usually one or two small applications of CJ’s clears it right up! I also use it preventatively and their skin is usually perfect.

What is your favorite baby carrier and why?
We just splurged on an Ergo this past Black-Friday. It is beyond wonderful! I had such back pain from hauling my babies around (often both at once), and now I am totally back pain-free! It will make traveling with a baby MUCH easier.

Describe your cloth diaper stash:
I have such a mix! This is my second stash, and I am very happy with it. I have about 30 prefolds, used with Flip, Bummis, Econobum, Happy Heinys, and Kawaii diaper covers! (whew!) Also, we have some Bumgenius All in ones and pockets. We have a couple Imse Vimse swim diapers too, which we’ll put to use next month!

What goals do you have for your family in the next year or two?
We actually are headed on quite an adventure! This December 31st, we leave for Costa Rica, where we plan to live for 3 months to a full year. We’d really like to master Spanish before leaving Central/South America, so we might go to Chile next. We also plan to spend a few months (at least) in Prague, Budapest, and the south of France. As mentioned, I have family in Holland, so we’d love to spend some time there as well. My husband works from home, and I’m a stay-at-home mom, so why not travel before the little ones reach school-age?

What are some of your favorite “me” time indulgences?
I don’t really get much “me” time, but if I do, I try to take luxury in simple things, like a hot bath or a walk with my dog, Romeo. If I find myself lucky enough to get both kids to bed before 9pm, my husband and I might cuddle up and watch a romantic comedy.

What’s your number one secret for stretching a dollar?
Well, I save a lot of money by providing a healthy diet for my family. I exclusively breastfeed my babies (so that saves a ton!), visit my local farm for cheaper, and better produce, and cook most days instead of going out. For “dates” with my husband, we often cook a nice meal together and share a bottle of sparkling cider. 😉

Thanks a bunch Emily for sharing your family with us!! We wish you the very best on your upcoming travels!! Also if you would like to follow Emily’s family on their adventures be sure to check out her blog at

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Happy Friday Everyone!!