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Best Places to Breastfeed in Denver

Monday, November 14th, 2016

Denver is one of the most breastfeeding friendly places I have been.  If there’s babies, there’s moms breastfeeding!  The following are my favorite places to take my girls (and while they were still nursing, to breastfeed).

Denver Zoo 
Our favorite place to stop for a snack at the Denver Zoo is a bench watching the giraffes. I spent many breaks feeding my younger daughter while my older daughter enjoyed the giraffes and her crackers and fruit.  If you’re looking for a less public location to breastfeed, there are many less-traveled exhibits that you could nurse by. The zoo offers large family restrooms in a few locations that have chairs inside that they advertise as being breastfeeding friendly.  As I refuse to nurse in a restroom, I can’t speak on the usefulness of these areas for breastfeeding. The family restrooms are, however, great when you have a potty-training toddler and a baby that needs a diaper change!

Denver Botanic Gardens
When I was a new mom to one, I enjoyed exploring the York Street Gardens. There’s plenty of benches in the shade and off the main trails to take a quick nursing break, while enjoying the landscaping. There’s a “secret” bench in a bamboo patch that was my favorite place for a break. Across the street, the Mordecai Children’s Garden is a perfect place to go if you have multiple children. My older daughter enjoyed running around and exploring while I was nursing my younger daughter. There are multiple areas that offer benches or picnic tables in the shade.

Storytimes at the Denver Public Libraries
Denver Public Libraries have four levels of storytime (Baby storytime, Toddler storytime, Preschool storytime, and All Ages storytime).  Not only did I meet many of my mom friends through Baby storytime, no one bats an eye if you start nursing your child. With 26 locations across the city, it’s easy to find a storytime that meets your scheduling needs.

JeffCo Open Space Parks and Trails
One of the best things about living in Denver is how quickly you can get out of the city for a hike.  Many of the JeffCo Open Spaces are only a half an hour to 45-minute drive from the city.  You’ll see all kinds of people taking advantage of the trails, including many moms and families.  Whether you choose to nurse at the trailhead at a picnic table or during your hike, you’ll be able to enjoy beautiful scenery while feeding your baby.

These are just four of my favorite places to take my kids and some of the best places to breastfeed in Denver.  Denver also has a great Children’s Museum, Museum of Nature and Science (that has an awesome kids zone), plenty of shopping, and lots of restaurants to enjoy.  No matter what you feel like doing, you’ll easily be able to find a good place to nurse your child.

Becky Nagel is a stay at home mom to two girls, a three year old and a one year old, in Denver, CO who enjoys cooking for her family, running, and hiking.

Elle Takes off the Cover

Tuesday, August 4th, 2015

Elle Takes off the COverIn June of this year, fashion magazine Elle Australia graced its subscribers with a special cover: one of a model breastfeeding her baby. The model, Nicole Trufino, was said to be taking a break from shooting to nurse her baby boy, when the photographer noticed how beautiful she looked, moved her into the set, and the rest is history.

This is one of the very first times a breastfeeding mother has appeared on the cover of a high-fashion magazine, however accidental it might have been. It signifies many things: a shift in perception of the normalcy of breastfeeding and motherhood, the idea that a beautiful model could also be a mother, the raw honesty of the nursing relationship between mother and babe being shown in the media, and perhaps even a shift on the view of nudity and women.

However, this cover was viewed only by subscribers until the cover went viral. The magazine has received a backlash of comments, mostly defending why the cover should have become mainstream instead of subscriber-only.

They received so much backlash that Elle Australia editor Justine Cullen had to issue a statement saying that, her decision was a “commercial” one and her job is to sell magazines. And choosing a cover that “will appeal to the widest possible audience” is how the industry does that.

Cullen said she wasn’t willing to take the risk of the breastfeeding cover being pulled from shelves or it needing a sticker over a part that was deemed offensive. That, she said, “would spell disaster.” She went on to say that as supermarkets are a large portion of their sales, this was not the place to make a statement. They wouldn’t want the cover to be censored by the sales places, to be unable to sell the magazine.

Maybe Elle could have sent the cover out on its regular issue, showing Ms.Trufino’s nursing loveliness for the world to see. Possibly more nursing mothers would have responded to this positive media example of breastfeeding.

Do you think the magazine should have circulated the cover to its full readerships? Are you encouraged by Ms. Trufino’s photo, and applaud the exposure of nursing, or should it be censored out of concern for those who may take offense?

Pia Watzig is a stay at home mom of three boys ages 5 years, 3 years and 8 months. She lives and laughs in Portland, Oregon where she spends her time gardening, knitting, chasing boys and baking. 

Best Places to Breastfeed in DFW

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2015

Best Places to Breastfeed in DFWTexas is big, with enough space to nurse wherever you’d like and, sometimes, specific places made just for you. All of these places are in the midst of daily life because, let’s be honest mamas, that’s what we’re in! One major perk of DFW is that it’s two cities’ worth of museums, attractions, and eateries all within one metroplex!

There aren’t just a handful of museums, but rather several each of zoos, aquariums and museums related to history, science, and children. The Perot Museum (with plenty of fun for those under 5) is one of the newer and most family friendly options with numerous spots to comfortably nurse. Fort Worth also has a children’s museum (housed within a larger museum) with a dragon entrance as hot as a Texas summer.

Although numerous large lake areas exist and offer a variety of park space and water-related activities, White Rock Lake is most well known in the urban Dallas area for its beauty and shaded spots, all of which are nursing friendly.  Burger’s Lake is fashioned for good old family fun if you are looking for nursing with a side of summer entertainment (though it comes with a price tag).

If you’re in an A/C, mall sort of mood, Stonebriar Center has two nursing rooms and a child’s play area. The Galleria in Dallas has a play place and nursing friendly areas. Nordtrom’s, known in mommy circles for their posh nursing room amenities, is located in both of those mall centers as well as NorthPark Center. Whether you want to shop, need a break in the A/C, or are just driving through, these shopping areas are easily accessible for a stop where kids can play and nurse as needed.

If you are in the need of airport services to begin and end your stay, know that DFW has you covered (or not!) when flying, too. DFW has several nursing facilities, notably in terminal A by gate 19 and terminal B by gate 40. They also have several children’s play areas. Dallas-Love Field also has a kid’s area and nursing area in case you need a spot to stop as you head through the main hall to your gate.

The Stock Yards in Fort Worth take you down memory lane to the old west, but the roads are a little slim and busy. Certainly there are nooks and crannies you can nurse at if you need, or head down the road just a little to Sundance Square with its many shops, food venues, and large plaza with kid-friendly water fun.

Lynette Moran shares her life with her husband and two sons, ages 1 and 3 years. She has cloth diapered both since birth and enjoys all things eco-friendly and mindful living. She’s lived around three major Texas cities as well as a few in the north east, and has nursed in every one of them.

Best Places to Nurse in Boston

Thursday, July 9th, 2015

Places to Nurse in BostonWelcome to Beantown! There is plenty to see and do, so I won’t waste your time as you seek out a nursing-friendly spot. As you arrive or leave Boston, know that Logan Airport has a Kidport in every terminal, as well as changing stations in family restrooms nearby and rocking chairs throughout the airport to swing and sway to baby’s content. As you travel about the city you, of course, have the right to nurse as you see fit. If you’re on the “T” (MBTA subway), know there are a few stops that offer  a slightly more scenic resting spot than others should you choose to stray from transit to nurse.

  • South Station (on the subway red line) is a hub of transit in Boston, connecting subways, buses, trains, and and more. With the feel of an old train terminal, the elegant building has coves to offer you space for nursing that is not underground in a dank, dark, spit-out-gum-infested subway stop. First stop is nursing. Next stop is pretty much anywhere in the country you want to go.
  • Harvard Square offers you the classic Harvard Square (red line) just a few minutes’ walk from the station and Park Street (red/green line) steps right out to Boston Common.  Boston Common has everything from park benches, ponds, and water play areas to the beginning of the Freedom Trail to Shakespeare in the Park (seasonal), leading to the Public Garden at Arlington (green line). Other park areas include the length of the Charles River through the length of Boston. There is also a strip of park that continues out of the Public Garden down a mile of Commonwealth Avenue, just past Newberry Street. Plenty of spots offer you a bench to sit upon with only a statue watching you.
  • While in town, Copley Place and Hynes/Prudential Center (all green line) offer a number of spots to stop, kick up your feet, and nurse. They are both a mix of mall, eatery, movies, and hotel. Neiman Marcus in Copley has a 1st floor women’s restroom with lounge and comfortable chairs. In this area are a number of hotels with posh lobbies if you are looking for places to stay for the night as well as nurse. The Prudential Center has a nursing-friendly station as well as both Lord & Taylor and Saks 5th Avenue that offer respectable and comfortable ladies’ lounges.
  • If you’re museum bound, upon finishing at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum, your tour ends in a sweeping view of Massachusetts Bay. The open stillness of the windowed gallery offers solace and perfect space for a few quiet minutes with babe. There are also a few spots along the way through the museum that offer respite in the midst of history. The Institute of Contemporary Art also has a similar, sweeping view on its fourth floor with plenty of space for a quick session for babe.
  • The Children’s Museum, aside from its general awesomeness, offers a nursing lounge on the second floor in the PlaySpace exhibit. The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston near the mid-20th century American galleries offers a nursing room. Last, but not least, The Boston Museum of Science offers a first aid room and nursing room, both with privacy and amenities that are nursing- and pumping-friendly.  With all those stops, I’m sure you’ll be concluding your stay in Boston. I’ll leave you with a grand Bostonian huzzah!

Lynette Moran shares her life with her husband and two sons, ages 1 and 3 years. She has cloth diapered both since birth and enjoys all things eco-friendly and mindful living. She’s lived around three major Texas cities as well as a few in the north east, and has nursed in every one of them.


Places to Nurse in Fort Wayne, Indiana

Thursday, June 25th, 2015

Places to Nurse in Fort Wayne, IndianaIt’s been almost 3 years since my family moved to Fort Wayne, Indiana, from sunny St. Marys, Georgia.  Being from the Midwest, I felt like I was prepared for the move. My husband left a life in the military and accepted a job in Northeast Indiana.  When we moved here, I was a first-time mom with a 2-month-old baby girl who I was nursing. After nursing two babies out and around Fort Wayne, here are some of the best places I’ve found or heard of that you can breastfeed in.

Coffee Shops

Fort Wayne is full of great coffee.  Moms know this. We find it and seek it out. I found myself nursing my little Levi wherever I was enjoying a latte. Java Mama is a coffee shop where moms can relax and kids can play. For $4.00, little ones can play in the supervised play area. Java Mama has great coffee. Try the caramel cream latte! They’ve also added kid-friendly snacks, Melissa and Doug toys, and classes for little ones. I nursed Levi comfortably with no intimidation often there.

Mocha Lounge is another great hangout on the Southwest side of town. Mocha Lounge may look like a regular coffee shop, but there is a great room in the back called the Little Friends Room.  You can sit and enjoy your coffee while your kids play with the toys provided. I’ve nursed comfortably with a room full of moms and dads in this room.

Parkview Field

The Tin Caps are a minor league baseball team who call Fort Wayne home. Parkview Field also houses the farmer’s market, reunions, concerts, and other events. The stadium has a nursing mother’s room to make moms feel more comfortable and prepared. The stadium also has fun events and entertainment for older siblings during the game.

Local Restaurants

Cheddars and Friendly’s Too are two local restaurants that have had positive feedback from moms with their nursing journey. Friendly staff and comfortable atmospheres are at most local restaurants in the area where moms can feel secure meeting baby’s needs. I have nursed Levi in our local McDonalds and Red Robin. I have never received negative feedback.

Play Dates

It’s important to be able to nurse your baby while also taking care of older siblings. Fort Wayne hosts a Big Latch On event each year. This past year, it took place at Tokens and Tickets. Tokens and Tickets is a fun, family play place with games and food for kids and families to enjoy. The Allen County Public Library is also a place I have been impressed with. The main branch located downtown has a play area for little ones. It also has a nursing mother’s room and you must have a key to use the restrooms in the children’s book area.

Fort Wayne is a fun place to call home. The beautiful seasons and friendly people make it likeable. I am blessed that I have found several places where I’ve felt comfortable nursing. Come visit sometime and feel comfortable feeding your baby!

Karyn Meyerhoff lives, writes, and nurses in Northeast Indiana.