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Fan Photo Friday: Newborn Babywearing

Friday, May 25th, 2012

Okay, brace yourself for some super sweet newborn babywearing photos! Here goes…

Meet 3 week old Emmalyn out cold in her Moby Wrap…what a little snugglebug!

Meet baby Elizabeth. This was her daddy’s first time wearing her and he wasn’t quite sure how to use the carrier. He has plenty of practice since then and is now a pro.

Here is another of photo Elizabeth (such a little cutie pie!) with her mommy the first time they went shopping together. Mommy learned that shopping with a toddler and a baby wasn’t as scary as she thought thanks to babywearing.

Meet Maddox (LOVE the name!). His daddy is a pilot and away frequently, so his mommy has to get creative in order to take photos of both of them together -such as capturing their reflection in the door after walking the dog.

Meet Jordan’s son. Jordan needed to wash the dishes and baby wanted to snuggle close to mama…back carry in a wrap provided the perfect solution. He looks pretty comfy and cozy to me. And check out his mama’s bright smile and adorable dimple….you almost can’t help but smile back, right?

Meet one month old Gavin sound asleep in his Moby Wrap while his family enjoyed a day at Castle Park. I can’t imagine a better way for a one month old to spend a day at a park than tummy to tummy with his mama! Another bonus is his mama was hands-free and able to easily care for older siblings.

Meet one month old Nathan. This picture is especially near and dear to his mama’s heart because it was the first time she ever wore him. Nathan had colic and mom reports that the discovery of babywearing changed her life!

Meet two week old Peyton in her home made Mei Tai made out of daddy’s uniform top…I’m pretty sure you said “awwww!” just now. What a super special carrier to wear your baby in, huh?

Meet baby Cora in her Boba 3G. This photo clearly exemplifies the proper babywearing position described as ‘where you can easily kiss the top of baby’s head”. I’m willing to bet baby Cora got a smooch from her mama shortly after this photo was snapped.

Meet 4 week old Logan in his Moby Wrap at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Such a gorgeous photo for a number of reasons. I especially love how well coordinated mama’s outfit is with their Moby Wrap. Lookin’ good mama!

Meet Bri’s daughter. Here she is at 12 days old enjoying story time at the library with her big sister.

Another awesome picture of Bri’s daughter at 2 months old being worn by her 75 year old great aunt. This picture warms my heart to no avail. Seriously love this one! Something about seeing the young and old connected heart to heart is simply delightful.

And one more of Bri’s daughter at 2 months old in the kitchen with daddy. What a lucky little baby to be worn by so many loved ones! 🙂

Lastly here’s my 6 week old Abraham on his very first hike. Cannot imagine our lives without babywearing…from household chores to recreational activities, babywearing has been my saving grace and top mothering tool throughout!

A BIG thank you to all this week’s participants.

Each of you will get 25 MILK MILES to thank you for sharing your babywearing photos with us!

Ready for next week’s Fan Photo Friday assignment? Let’s see some photos of your baby’s first food experiences. You know the photos I’m talking about…where they have spaghetti noodles stuck on their head, bodies completely covered in red sauce, and a big ol’ proud smile on their face. Send your Baby’s First Foods picture to by Thursday, May 31 and include any information you want shared such as age of baby, type of food, their reaction to the experience, etc.  Then check back on Friday, June 1 to see some seriously messy baby faces! The winner will be awarded 25 MILK MILES!