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Silent Saturday: A Proper Tea Party

Saturday, June 15th, 2013

You may remember this post about my boys and their Neti Pot Tea Party? Well we recently went to England where we learned how to host a proper tea party.

Upon returning to the US, we went to our favorite thrift store in search of a tea set. A half hour and $15 later we left the store with 2 tea sets, 10 cloth napkins, 3 shirts, a little bag of random toy guys, and a tech deck skateboard ramp (it was .99cents!). Have I mentioned how much I LOVE thrift stores? 🙂

Abraham (4) was most excited about our tea party and insisted on setting the table himself:


We also hit up Trader Joe’s for some goodies to accompany our tea party. Here’s the spread:

Our friends arrived shortly after and the tea party was a success!

I am happy to report I foresee many more tea parties in our future, sans Neti Pot of course. 😉



Silent Saturday: Boys and Tea Parties

Saturday, May 4th, 2013

Yesterday my boys played downstairs while I worked upstairs writing this blog post. When I was finished I walked downstairs to discover this:

“Um. hey guys…what is my neti pot doing down here?”

“Oh we were having a tea party with it”.

And see here I thought having all boys meant I wouldn’t get to experience tea parties with my kids. Nope, I was wrong. They will happily play tea party…with something that has been UP MY NOSE!

This is how the rest of the conversation progressed:

Me – “Do you guys know that I use this to flush boogers out of my nose?”

Boys – “Cool! How does it work?”

Me – “Well, I stick this part in my nose. So do you see why you wouldn’t want to use this for a tea party?”

Boys – “Can you show us how it works?!?!”

Me – “So you are not grossed out at all by this?”

Boys – “We want to see you flush your boogers out!!”

*Sigh*. Silly me. Of course the mention of boogers would be exciting and not gross to my boys.

Guess I should think about getting them a real tea set, huh?

Happy Saturday All!