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My Pregnancy: Week 17

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2015

We were first pregnant in the spring of 2011. Just the other evening hubby and I were noticing a few things that have changed in such a short period of time. These musings are not so much an all-encompassing list of trends so much as a reminder to you, mama—the parenting world is always coming up with some new gadget, technology, or trend. Whether you buy into the newest thing or pass it by, know your awesomeness is timeless.

Baby GearScreen Shot 2015-11-22 at 4.05.38 PM

Baby gear is getting cooler; it is also becoming more fantastical. There are pack ‘n plays that open with the touch of a single button. I find this entirely unnecessary, but I am impressed by the cool new swings that now swivel and move in a circular motion, among other things. The baby rocker has been all the rage lately, many touting the Rock ‘n Play to be the sleep solution for those babes particularly eager to fight his or her zzzz’s. We’ll probably keep our old-style swing that goes just one way (and turns into a vibrating-optional bouncer!), but I may or may not have spent an hour looking at the reviews and picking out which model I prefer in the new rocker.

The mini-crib and bassinet have gotten a few updates, making some models more co-sleeping friendly than just a few years ago. For example, swivel sleeper designs are getting a big push in mommy circles. As I’ve had two C-sections and will soon have another, this design is enticing but we’re opting to save our pennies (a lot of them) by using what we already have. I could justify buying into a few of these new updates but turns out timeless classics, like the old-school swing, are timeless for a reason.

My Pregnancy Week 17Gender Reveal Parties

I’m going to go out on a limb and just say I don’t quite get the practice of “gender reveals,” or more accurately, sex reveal announcements and parties. I think my observation here is how trendy having a baby has become. In random daydreams I wonder if the baby industry saw how lucrative the wedding industry was and found a way to amplify everything. Then social media magnified things even more. Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited to hear someone else’s exciting news, but I also think this intensified anticipation about baby-ness contributes to the intensity of being pregnant.

After we found out the sex of each child, we called our parents and then texted or emailed our siblings and a few friends. That is way less stressful and low-key to me than a party, a photo shoot, or being surprised in front of a lot of people.  This may mostly reflect my style. I’m more introverted and subtle when it comes to my personal life (not so much when it comes to, for example, social justice issues). Whether the doctor tells me or I cut a cake, whether it’s at 14, 20, or 40 weeks—in all of the scenarios it’s an exciting, surprising moment.

We all have different ways of communicating things, and I appreciate that others enjoy the creativity and planning involved in sex reveal announcements.  Some have waited so long to be expecting that everything is worth celebrating! Continue on! It is, though, one example of how babies have become a trendy, share-worthy business lately.


Other eco-friendly, attachment parenting, what-have-you “trends,” like cloth diapering, might also fit into this category. I remember I was the first with a Moby, Baby Bjorn still only had the original, slim-seated model, and many of the popular brands—like Boba, Beco, and Ergo—had only their most basic styles. Tula was just a city in Russia. Baby wearing and other such things are more mainstream, seen much more often (though this may not be the case everywhere).  This last trend is one I’m definitely on board with!

Annie is a mom of a two- and three-year-old who finally is enjoying the full spectrum of food again. Hurrah and huzzah!

Just Say No to the Bumbo Seat

Friday, January 24th, 2014

The Bumbo seat has gained popularity in recent years, but is one product we did not use with our children. With my oldest I did not even want to try it; she never sat in one. I was a more relaxed with our second child and let him try one out (a hand-me down), but ended up not really using it.

First of all, when you put your baby in it, baby is sitting upright before they are developmentally ready to sit upright. Babies were designed to develop and learn over time, and oftentimes this product has the baby in a position they are not yet ready for. An article in the Chicago Tribune further discusses this from a physical therapist’s standpoint, not to mention recent recalls due to the flip-over hazard.

Many parents find the Bumbo helpful when they need their hands free to attend to another kid, cook diner, wash

Carriers go anywhere! Bumbos, not so much.

Carriers go anywhere! Bumbos, not so much.

dishes or do laundry. The Bumbo seat could be used in this manner, but is it really what is best for the baby? We used baby carriers when trying to get chores done around the house, both the Moby Wrap and the Baby Hawk. These allow your child to be attended to while you get work done. When I tried the Bumbo seat with my second, all I could think about was someone (a 3-year old) bumping into the Bumbo or knocking it over with the baby sitting in it. We have lots of tile floors and best-case scenario of a knock over would be many tears. When your baby is in a baby carrier they are right next to you and much less likely to be hurt by a “helpful” older sibling. When cooking dinner with my babies I always made sure to have them on my back, which kept them away from the hot stove top or oven.

A Bumbo seat can be a great prop for pictures, but if you are using please make sure you follow all safety warnings. The Bumbo should only be used on the floor, never on any raised surfaces. This seems like common sense, but I have seen babies in their Bumbo on the counter. For all other times, try your baby carrier for a hands-free solution. My babies were always much happier when worn by a parent than when they were laying on a blanket alone. This allowed me to get much more work done around the house.

Kristen Beggs lives and writes in Midland, TX.


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Friday Family Spotlight: Meet Brandi’s Family

Friday, October 19th, 2012

October 15th was Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day across the world. Around the globe people joined together in a ‘Wave of Light’ by lighting a candle in remembrance of babies who have passed away during pregnancy, at birth, or after birth. Our featured family this week has experienced multiple losses. Brandi is very open about her family’s losses. I hope sharing her story here honors the memory of her angel babies, as well as spreads information about Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day.

Who are the members of your family?

My family consists of all boys and me! There is Brad (the Daddy), Brandi (the Mommy), Nate (who is 5), Luke (who is 5 ½ month old), and Reese (the first born…dog). We also have four angels as we have had three miscarriages and a stillbirth. Nate helped us name our babies that left us before we could know who they were. He named our first baby “Tomato Plant”, our second baby “Daisy”, and our fourth baby “Poppy”. Our daughter, Leni Grace earned her angel wings and was born on 05/18/10. We are a cloth diapering, co sleeping, baby wearing, extended breast feeding family!

What is your favorite Mom’s Milk Boutique product?

I am in love with the Dandelion Toys. Luke loves the roly poly balls and I am so excited about the new people rattles that Mom’s Milk Boutique is getting in! Those are going on his Christmas list!

What is your favorite baby carrier and why?

I love my moby wrap! We use it everyday! At first I thought it would be hard to figure out but I am pretty sure I could wrap it on me in my sleep! I love how snuggly he is when he is in it. If he is upset I can put him in the Moby and he immediately calms down and just melts up against me. I love it! I also have a baby hawk which is my second preferred carrier and an Ergo. I am not crazy about it yet but I am hoping that I like it more when he gets bigger and heavier.

Describe your cloth diaper stash:

I prefer solids over prints and love to see pastel colors on him! I have a variety of diapers and am willing to try any of them. We used prefolds some in the beginning but now I mainly use AIO’s or pockets. I have FuzziBunz, bumGenius, Happy Heiney, Bottombumpers, Blueberry and Kawaii. My favorite changes depending on what age we are at. FB was my favorite with my son and about all I had in my stash. However I did not cloth diaper him as a little baby; I started when he was around 1 year old. I like how trim the FB are and how convenient the BG freetime is. I also have a collection of homemade and Thirsties wipes.

Describe your daily routine:

I am a working mommy so I have to plan my day to maximize my time with my boys. I get up before they do to get myself ready. I wake the baby up first to nurse and snuggle him before the hectic day begins! I then wake my 5 year old up about an hour before he has to be at school. He gets up and eats breakfast (usually a chicken biscuit or whole wheat pancakes) and gets ready for school. He goes to a private school so we have no disagreements about what clothes to wear to school and that makes it much easier. We are out the door by 8:00 am. We drop him off at school and then it is time to get the baby settled into his day. On Mondays and Fridays my mom drives up from KY to watch him. Every other Wednesday I am off work. On Tuesday and Thursday he goes to an in home daycare. I always nurse him before I leave him because he is not crazy about taking a bottle. He will take one pretty good at daycare but on the days that my mom has him, he will only take 1 oz at a time and some days will not take it at all. He is not fussy during the day and seems content to hold out for the real thing until I get home. Although he will often come visit me at work to eat and snuggle! My husband picks the boys up after school and I am home shortly thereafter. First things first….the baby has to eat! Nate loves to cook so he helps me cook dinner while my husband plays with Luke. Most nights, I am eating and nursing a baby at the same time! After dinner, we try to go on a family walk and right now, Nate has football practice two nights a week. Then it is bath time, we have a tummy tub for Luke and he LOVES it! We read books and I rock my oldest son to sleep. Yes, I still rock my 5 year old. Then I put Luke in the moby wrap and do my chores around the house and then we go to bed together. He nurses all night long to prepare for the next day!

What is your toughest challenge as a mother so far?

Saying goodbye to my babies before I was ready…when we lost our first baby, people told me that many people had miscarriages with their first pregnancy. I felt robbed. I hate that I only had a few weeks of pregnancy bliss because I learned too soon that a positive pregnancy test did not always means a baby. People told us to try again and we did and were blessed with our first son, Nate. Two years later we were ready to give him a sibling. We got pregnant very easily but again had to say goodbye to that baby. I felt so angry that people had told us that often the first pregnancy ended in a miscarriage but now I had more babies in heaven than in my arms. We got pregnant again as soon as we were given the ok and things were looking so good…until we found out that our baby girl did not have a heart beat. We went to the hospital knowing that we would not be leaving with a baby. It is something that no parent should ever have to go through. After 14 ½ hours of labor our baby girl entered the world silently, and she was beautiful! Six months later I was ready to try again and again got pregnant on the first try and again had to say goodbye. Our son was having a really hard time with all of this and we had a serious conversation about how much more our family/marriage/child could go through. We decided that we would try one more time and regardless of the outcome we would be okay. Ten months later, our rainbow baby entered the world screaming!

We are very open with our boys about their siblings. Our older son talks about his sister and we take them to the cemetery to visit her. People often question why we do this but I want my kids to know that this is nothing to be ashamed of. We did nothing wrong and that we love all of our babies, no matter how long they were with us.

What is one of your favorite quotes?

“I wanted you more than you will ever know, so I sent love to follow wherever you go”

I feel like this quote applies to all of my babies. I wanted each and every one of my babies but had to let four of them go before I was ready. A piece of my heart went with each of them and one day my boys will be out on their own and a piece of my heart will be with them too. No matter how far away my babies are from me, my love will be with them.

Brandi, we thank you so much for sharing your beautiful family with us. Wishing your family much love, light, and peace.