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FuzziBunz Elite One Size Cloth Diaper: 2013 NEW and IMPROVED Sizing!

Thursday, March 14th, 2013

How Does It Measure Up?

First take a look at the old FuzziBunz Elite One Size Cloth Diaper on top compared to the 2013 NEW FuzziBunz Elite One Size Cloth Diaper on the bottom. Both are on the largest setting both with elastic and snaps:

The picture above clearly illustrates the size difference between the two. FuzziBunz makes an awesome diaper and has a great reputation in the cloth diapering community. However one commonly expressed issue was that their one-size diaper ran on the smaller side. In other words the one size diaper sometimes didn’t fit chubbier babies or older toddlers very well. Additionally the narrow crotch made stuffing the diaper difficult for some. FuzziBunz listened to this feedback and responded by improving their Elite One Size Diaper. Let’s take a look:

The overall design of the diaper is basically the same but the new one is about a half inch bigger on each side:

White FB on bottom is the new size; Brown FB on top is the old size

One of the main issues was the narrow crotch.

Old FuzziBunz is 5inches across

New FuzziBunz is 6inches across

While an extra inch doesn’t seem like much, it definitely makes stuffing so much easier! It also allows for a larger variety of different inserts to be used.

Another difference is the snaps. The old FB had 8 snaps across the top while the new FB has 10. Again this provides more generous sizing options:

Old FB on left hand side; New FB on right hand side

The new FuzziBunz comes with two microfiber inserts while the old FuzziBunz came with two minky inserts. The inserts are larger with the new FuzziBunz. See pictures below for comparison. The first picture is a side by side comparison of the smaller insert from each diaper:

Old FuzziBunz on left hand side (4inches wide); new FuzziBunz on left-hand side (5inches wide)

And now a side by side of the larger insert from each diaper.

Old FuzziBunz on left hand side; New FuzziBunz on right hand side

I put each diaper on the very largest setting for both the snaps and the elastic on my two year old. The old FuzziBunz is a perfect fit, while the new FuzziBunz had plenty of room to grow into (however I could have made it into the perfect fit by adjusting the elastic and snaps).

Old FuzziBunz on largest settings

New FuzziBuns on largest setting

Even he could tell the new diaper didn’t fit him properly. He kept pulling the front of it and saying “pocket! pocket!” He thought the extra room was a pocket.

Showing me his "pocket" (ie- the extra room in his new FB)

So what does a toddler want to do with a new found pocket in his diaper? Put a glue stick in it of course, l0l!

Basically take everything you LOVE about FuzziBunz Elite One Size Cloth Diaper (see recent review here) but simply IMPROVE the sizing options so it can fit a wider range of babies and boom, you’ve got the 2013 FuzziBunz Elite One Size Cloth Diaper! I think FuzziBunz fans are going to be quite pleased with these modifications! I know I am. 🙂


Sunday Funday Giveaway: FLIP Organic Single Pack & Disposable Inserts

Sunday, January 1st, 2012

When I travel I usually end up using disposables diapers (sheepishly blushing  and ducking over here) although I have considered investing in a hybrid cloth diapering system to use specifically for when we travel. Flip diapers are the ones that I have my eye on it. They are a flexible diapering system offering three different types of inserts to pair with their one-size diaper cover. The three options are organic, stay-dry, or disposable inserts. Flip Organic Inserts are made from 100% Oeko-Tex certified organic cotton. Flip Stay-Dry inserts are made of 3 absorbent layers of microfiber and suede. Flip Disposable Inserts are made from ingredients that are dye free, fragrance free and Oeko-Tex certified. The disposable inserts are a convenient option for traveling, camping or for caregivers who are not completely on board with cloth diapering. The other very cool thing about the Flip inserts is that they are compatible with bumGenius pocket diapers as well as Econobum diaper covers!

I am eager to try out Flip diapers on our next vacation. In honor of my quest to green our travels with a hybrid diapering system, this week’s giveaway is for an Flip Organic Single Pack which includes a one-size cover and an one-size organic insert AND a pack of Flip disposable inserts. Enter today to win!