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Great Books for 6 to 9 Months

Thursday, July 16th, 2015

I love, love, love to read. You’ve probably heard since before you even had kids that you should start reading to your children from birth, but sometimes it gets old reading the same old stories over and over. I found it hard to find books my children seemed really interested in when they were infants and toddlers, and amazon was often super overwhelming.

I turned to my friends for recommendations, and they never steered me wrong. Here are some books, both old and new, that my kids and my friends’ kids loved when they were babies and toddlers.

First off, a classic. If you don’t have Goodnight Moon yet in your home library, consider adding it. The illustrations are really mesmerizing for babies and the story is, as you may have guessed, great for bedtime.

Another classic that almost every young child seems to enjoy is The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Again, the illustrations are beautiful and engaging and full of items that children see often.

Any of Sandra Boynton’s board books are a good choice. My sons especially loved Doggies, which is a counting book.

My baby niece is a big Llama Llama fan, and I am too. The books chronicle Baby Llama having to learn to deal with the frustrations in his life in an acceptable way. She also really loves Grumpy Cat (no, not the internet star), which has an adorable story line but also features cats, which she loves.

David is an adorable little boy that gets into trouble. A lot. This series includes board books, is very illustration heavy and totally adorable.

Finally, BabyLit books are super fun. They’re based off of classics like Pride and Prejudice (and if you’re a P&P fan, there’s a version of Goodnight Moon called Goodnight Mr. Darcy, too) and Moby Dick, but use really engaging pictures and text to teach things about things like counting and oceans.

If your city or town is lucky enough to have a Dolly Parton Imagination Library program, take advantage of it! You can register your child at birth (or after), and the program sends a new book each month (to keep!) for your child to enjoy. We were always very happy with the selections that came. And the best part–it’s FREE!

Meaghan Howard is a mom to two little boys, ages 3 and 6. She’s currently enjoying the expat life in Japan.

Celebrating International Babywearing Week!

Wednesday, October 10th, 2012

Did you know it is International Babywearing Week? There are fun events happening all over the world in honor of International Babywearing Week. Many of the events are hosted by regional chapters of Babywearing International (BWI). What is Babywearering International? It is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to “promote babywearing as a universally accepted practice, with benefits for both child and caregiver, through education and support” (BWI, 2012). Basically they are an incredibly awesome resource for all things babywearing! My local BWI chapter is a group of highly dedicated mamas who are super passionate about spreadin’ their love of babywearing. They are an especially great resource for families who are newer to babywearing. They host informal monthly meetings that include demonstrations of how to use various carriers as well as provide a lending library of carriers available to members. The lending library is a really great way to sample different carriers before investing in your own. In addition to receiving wonderful babywearing information, attending meetings is also a great way to connect with other like-minded mamas!

If you love babywearing you will want to be sure to visit their website to see what events are happening near you this week to celebrate babywearing. You might even have the opportunity to join in a babywearing flashmob…what fun! I will definitely be attending THE MAIN EVENT in my local area happening on Satuday, October 13. I went last year and it was a total blast! I met tons of awesome babywearing families and saw some of the most beautiful wraps you can imagine. I am really looking forward to it this year….and of course I will take a few pictures to share with you all!

Happy Babywearing All!