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Toddler Friendly Haircuts

Monday, June 6th, 2016

Toddler friendly haircutsWhether it’s your kid’s first haircut or their umpteenth, toddlers and haircuts can be a scary mix. Barbers see your kid coming and want to run out the back, and your kid may well feel the same. These same kids that don’t want to hold still while somebody wields sharp tools around their face also tend to not like having their hair, you know, brushed, or other nonsense.

Picking a haircut that’s a good fit for you and your kid can alleviate some of this, ahem, fun. For parents of long-haired kids, if your kid can’t seem to keep her hair out of her eyes, no matter if you put in barrettes, headbands, ponytails, you name it, you might consider cutting bangs, at least if your child’s hair is straight. Yes, bangs (or a fringe, depending on where you live) are higher maintenance on the hair cut side of things, but a bang trim once a month is a lot less effort than refitting hair ornaments seventeen times each day.

Hair texture can determine how long or short you want your child to keep his hair as well. If your child’s hair tangles easily, or they have an especially tender head, a shorter haircut may be easier on you both. How much time you have to devote to your child’s hair also plays a role here, as curly hair can take anywhere from a little more time to tremendously more time, depending on the texture and desired style.

If you have a particularly active little boy, and especially if you have more than one active little boy, a simple haircut like a buzz is easy-peasy, both in the length of time it takes for the cut as well as the washing and styling time required each day. This is a haircut you can do at home pretty easily as well, also saving you time (and money).

A really popular boys’ cut right now is an undercut, where the sides are shaved with a fade, and the top stays long, often slicked back or swooped one way or another with hair product. If you have a toddler and want this cut, consider having LOTS of distractions during the cut (electronics, treats, both …) as it can take a little extra time to cut. Also consider that you will have to be styling it everyday or your little man may not be able to see (see bangs discussion above).

Finally, just as with the hair on our own heads, remember that it’s just hair. It grows back. And toddlers don’t have to deal with any embarrassment of going to school or work with an awkward haircut like everybody else does.

Meaghan Howard is a stay-at-home parent to two little boys; she cuts their hair (and their dad’s) at home with the help of lots of bribes.

First Haircut

Tuesday, December 1st, 2015

First Haircut

Babies have all the luck. They’re so cute that they make baldness, receding hairlines, mullets, and being chubby all look amazingly adorable. It’s a little unfair that we adults can’t enjoy the same benefits, but I guess it’s all part of being a grown-up.

At some point in your baby’s life, you will probably have to consider orchestrating a real tear jerker (hopefully just for you): the first haircut. Even if your baby is bald and you fear he will never have hair (been there), I promise that he will.

When you decide this is necessary is totally personal preference. I know mothers of both girls and boys that say they still haven’t cut their preschooler’s hair yet, and others whose follically blessed offspring needed bangs or their entire head cut to get the hair out of their eyes before they reached their first birthday.

It can be a little nerve wracking to cut your baby’s hair. Some people opt to do it at home, other parents choose to take their baby to a salon or barber. It can be frightening to imagine an active child around sharp scissors, so a professional can be a good choice if this is something that worries you. Many cities now have children’s salons with fun seats to sit in, brightly colored walls, and sometimes even children’s’ programming on TVs. If your area doesn’t have one, or you aren’t interested in that sort of thing, most salons and barbers have padded boosters for the chair and cute kid-sized smocks for them to wear.

If you have an older child going in for their first cut, prepping them mentally beforehand is a really good idea. Letting them know what to expect and explaining what’s going to happen can help keep the experience a positive one. My own son had his first cut when he was still very young–we were pretty much just trimming his mullet (party in the back) as the business in the front didn’t have a whole lot going on yet. I don’t think he would have gotten a lot out of prepping him beforehand, so I went armed with bribes (Dum-dums) and everybody complimented his handsomeness repeatedly during the process and right after. He ate it up, admiring his little baby self in the mirror while the stylist cut.

The first cut can be a fun milestone for your family. If you can, invite family or a couple friends, who can also be enlisted to take a few photos if you like (so you can enjoy being in the moment). Many salons issue a ‘First Haircut’ certificate that usually has a small ziploc for keeping a lock of hair in. If this is something you would like, you might consider calling ahead to make sure it’s available. Otherwise, if you choose to keep a lock of hair from the cut, don’t forget a small bag. And maybe some tissues.

Meaghan Howard is a mom to two little boys, who still demand bribes and compliments with each haircut.